Everyone at IUP is looking forward to your return next semester, but you can't come back unless you register.

Maybe you have a few questions. Maybe you aren't sure about something. We want to help you. Look below to see if your question has been asked by other students. You might find the answer you seek.

When you're ready, register for the next step of your academic journey.

I'm just not sure what classes I want to take. I may want to drop or add classes, so shouldn't I wait until I know what classes I want before I register?

It's not a good idea to wait. You should talk to your department advisor as soon as you can before classes end.

I missed my registration window. Don't I have to wait until after the semester ends to register?

No. You can register now. If you do not have any courses on your upcoming semester schedule, you may register at any time.

I don't have my alternate PIN and my advisor isn't available, so I can't register. What should I do?

You have two options. You can reach out to your department chair for guidance about courses to select and to receive your alternate PIN, or contact the assistant or associate dean of your college for assistance.

I started to register, but a "terms and conditions" button came up and I don't understand it. What does that mean?

It's a legal agreement that basically means that you understand that you are responsible for all tuition and fee charges incurred based on your registration. The acceptance of this agreement needs to be done only once for as long as you are enrolled at IUP.

I didn't register because I wanted to talk to my parents about the "terms and conditions." They had questions about it. Who can they call?

They may contact Student Billing at 724-357-2207 or the associate vice president for Finance at 724-357-2205.

I was waiting to hear about some additional financial aid before I commit to coming back for the fall semester. Who can I talk to about that?

You may contact the Financial Aid Office at 724-357-2218 or financial-aid@iup.edu to inquire about financial aid options and your eligibility. You can also view your financial aid offer letter electronically in MyIUP.

In the current MyIUP portal, my.iup.edu:

  1. Sign in to MyIUP and click on Finances.
  2. Select Get personalized financial aid information.

In the new MyIUP portal:

  1. Log in to MyIUP. Go to Discover and search for "finances."
  2. On the Tuition, Aid, and Finances card, select Financial Aid Information.

I need to talk to my advisor, but I can't seem to get an appointment with them. What should I do?

If the semester has already ended, you can contact the assistant or the associate dean in your college for assistance. If you haven't left campus yet following the semester, you can reach out to the department chair of your major for assistance.

I don't want to come back for next semester unless I can change roommates. What should I do?

Students can change suite types and/or roommates. The Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining will have a list of vacancies in different suite types within all the residential buildings on campus that students can view and choose from. For any other questions regarding housing, including room change information, contact the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining at iup-housing@iup.edu.

I don't think I'm in the right major, so I'm not sure what to do next. I want to come back in the fall, but I don't know what classes to take.

Consider scheduling courses that will meet your Liberal Studies requirements. Once you return to campus you can visit the Major and Career Exploration Center in Stabley Library to discuss your strengths and interests related to majors offered at IUP.