The Total University Withdrawal Policy provides undergraduate students who are unable to complete a term with the option of withdrawing from all classes, and thus from the university, for that term.

During the fall and spring semesters, Total University Withdrawals may be processed between the first day of classes and the end of the 11th week of the term. During summer and winter terms, the deadline is the two-thirds point of each course for which the student is registered. Questions about the academic impact of withdrawal should be directed to the Office of the Dean of the student's college.

Students should carefully consider the impact of withdrawing from IUP before completing the withdrawal process. Financial aid, loan repayment, and possibly health insurance may be affected. There is no refund of tuition or housing for students withdrawing after the fourth week of the regular semester and no refunds for total withdrawals from winter or summer sessions. Withdrawing may result in having to repay financial aid already received. Questions about the financial impact of withdrawal should be addressed to the Office of Student Billing and/or the Office of Financial Aid.

Students receiving military benefits must meet with a representative from the Military and Veterans Resource Center to discuss the financial impact of withdrawing. International and exchange students must meet with their international student advisor in the Office of International Education to discuss the implications of withdrawing.

Any undergraduate student who voluntarily withdraws from the university prior to the Withdrawal Deadline in a semester/session must process a "Total University Withdrawal" by logging in to MyIUP and selecting the option for withdrawing under the Academics tab. (In the new MyIUP portal, go to Discover and search for "withdraw," then select the Modify My Academic Record card and click Withdraw from IUP.)

After responding to a brief exit questionnaire, the student will be able to "web withdraw" from all of his or her courses. As with any procedure, students should carefully review all aspects and implications of such an action before initiating the withdrawal. Discussing these implications with a representative from the Dean's Office of the student's college is strongly recommended.

Students advised by the Department of Undergraduate Studies and Student Success or who have a hold on their account cannot withdraw using MyIUP and must secure a Total University Withdrawal Form from the Office of the Student Advocate (located at 202 Stabley). Similarly, students attending the regional campuses should secure a Total University Withdrawal Form from the main office at the student's respective campus. The signed form must be returned to the Office of the Student Advocate for processing.

Any undergraduate student who needs to withdraw from the university after the deadline must process a waiver through the Office of the Dean of their college. Approval of the waiver is contingent upon documentation of catastrophic circumstances preventing the student from completing the semester/term. The student should meet with a designee of their Dean's Office to complete the Total University Withdrawal Form. Once approved, the form is submitted to the Office of the Student Advocate, which will notify the appropriate campus offices and instructors that an official Total University Withdrawal has been approved.

A withdrawal designation will be assigned to all registered courses in the semester/session from which the student is withdrawing. Deadlines do apply, and ramifications to current semester bills and financial aid should be discussed with the appropriate offices—the Office of Student Billing and the Office of Financial Aid—before withdrawing. Download the Total Withdrawal Checklist.

With the exception of documented "Call to Active Duty" withdrawals, all withdrawals follow the deadline dates set for the semester/session.

Total University Withdrawal Checklist

If you are considering total university withdrawal, make sure you review this checklist of things to do and consider before withdrawing. For more information, please contact Megan McCue at 724-357-4070.