The Career and Professional Development Center is prepared to serve all students. Please feel free to come to B20 Stabley Library for all your major and career needs. 

Does This Scenario Sound Familiar?

As you approached your senior year in high school, you were probably questioned about what you wanted to major in while in college. Everyone but you seemed to have an answer. You didn’t even know all your alternatives, and didn’t want to pick before you had time to see what options are available to you. Being unsure of the answer to this is not uncommon, and that is okay. College will expose you to new topics, thought processes, and views on life. 

Or This One?

You entered college with an idea of what you wanted to major in and started taking major-related classes. Once in those classes, you may have experienced challenges with the content or found it not as interesting as you thought it would be. You enjoy college and some of your other classes but are not really sure what major or career would be best for you.

The Major and Career Exploration Center is designed to assist all students, regardless of class year, with making an informed decision. Through the use of various tools and resources, peer advisors will assist students through evaluating their options and sharing what IUP has to offer in relation to their interests. The proverbial doors will be opened, just as your mind will, as you travel through the higher education process. 

Students may also want to consider taking DVST 170, Career Exploration. This class introduces students to the theoretical and practical framework with which to explore careers compatible with overall academic skills, aptitudes, and life goals.  Students will examine the world of work, assess their interests and abilities, and make realistic decisions on academic majors and careers.

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