To start a university-recognized student organization:

Begin by picking up a Recognition Packet from 128 Elkin Hall. Included in that packet is the procedure to follow.

Each organization must submit a constitution—a sample is included in the packet. Submit the constitution along with the New Student Organization Recognition Application (opens as Word document) signed by the president and campus advisor—also included in the packet. The advisor must be a university employee which can be staff or faculty. Additionally, off-campus advisors may be added as a second advisor to the organization. Return both the constitution and Recognition Application to 128 Elkin Hall. The Office of Student Leadership reviews the constitution and forwards it to Student Government for review and approval. You are kept informed throughout the process should any edits be necessary. You can submit paperwork anytime during the academic year, there is no deadline. The recognition process is conducted only during the fall and spring academic semesters when classes are in session.