The objective of this position is to prepare the graduate staff member to interdependently function within the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Program through a meaningful experience of applied activities coupled with a sound understanding of the principles involved in the delivery of comprehensive programs and services.


The Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Program provides a comprehensive outreach health promotion program. Skills gained by graduate staff member include:

  • individual intervention/short term counseling
  • group psycho-educational counseling
  • goal setting and action planning
  • small and large event planning
  • student supervision
  • peer team leadership
  • workshop facilitation
  • public relations
  • collaboration with faculty members, administrators, and students


Ten hours per week, evening and weekend assignments are expected during the Fall and Spring


Optional summer student worker employment may be available.


Ann Sesti, Assistant Director


Previous education and/or experience in counseling, education, health-related field, and/or drug and alcohol education required


  1. Become trained in BASICS (Brief Alcohol and Screening and Intervention with College Students) and the use of motivational interviewing.
  2. Provide individual and group interventions and short-term counseling to students who present with alcohol, tobacco, and other drug issues.
  3. Present alcohol, tobacco, and other drug programs to the university community.
  4. Assist in the delivery of alcohol and marijuana education sessions for students who have violated university policy.
  5. Assist in the implementation of group-specific (Greeks, athletes) and campuswide intervention programs.
  6. Conduct individual meetings with students regarding alcohol/drug risk reduction planning.
  7. Meet, assist, and track students who are required to complete a chemical health assessment.
  8. Meet and assist students who are interested in quitting tobacco.
  9. Collaborate with Center for Health and Well-Being to produce a weekly health promotion newsletter for use in residence halls.
  10. Assist in development/implementation of a peer education program. Responsibilities will include planning, implementing, and evaluating the training process and recruiting, hiring, supervising, scheduling, and evaluating ATOD educators. Develop teaching materials and lesson plans for use by peer educators. Supervise the scheduling of programs.
  11. Develop newspaper ads and promotional campaigns and materials.
  12. Attend staff meetings and peer meetings and center trainings.
  13. Comply with all policies including confidentiality and patient rights statements.
  14. Serve as a member of campus and community committees.
  15. Acquire a basic understanding of all facets of the CHWB through assigned meetings and seminars within the center.
  16. Complete other special projects as assigned by the professional supervisor.


Interested applicants should submit resume to:

Ann Sesti
Center for Health and Well-Being
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Program
Suites on Maple East, Suite G59