The Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Program is seeking a highly motivated graduate student to work as an evaluation and statistics consultant. A successful candidate should have a working knowledge of psychosocial research and a background in experimental design and statistical analysis.


A flexible schedule of approximately ten hours per week. Evening and weekend assignments may be expected during the Fall and Spring semester.


Ann Sesti, Assistant Director


Previous education and/or experience in research design, evaluation, and statistical analysis.


  1. Assist in all of the following with regards to the projects listed below:
    1. Instrument design
    2. Data collection
    3. Data organization
    4. Data analysis
    5. Analysis and interpretation of statistical results
    6. Writing reports
  2. Design, coordinate, and implement the evaluation component of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Grant awarded to ATOD for the 2008-2009 semester.
  3. Serve as a member of the President's Commission on Reducing Student Substance Use (CoRSSA) and design, coordinate, and implement the evaluation component.
  4. Become familiar with the program and services offered by ATOD, which include BASICS (Brief Alcohol and Screening and Intervention with College Students), alcohol educational workshops, and any other programs that may require evaluation.
  5. Other duties as assigned.


Interested applicants should submit resume to:

Ann Sesti
Center for Health and Well-Being
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Program
Suites on Maple East, G59