Tuesday, April 6, 2010
16A Leonard Hall

I. Call to Order
In Attendance: Craig, Hannibal, Hyde, Intemann, Lewis, McCombie, Mensch, Metz, Migyanka, Numan, Potts, Sechrist
Excused: Turner Absent: Crocker, Krastin, Widdowson

II. Minutes from April 1, 2010 Curriculum Committee Meeting approved with corrections on a Hyde/Mensch motion.

III. Co-Chairs Report
A. Discussion of revised Liberal Studies criteria given the budgetary concerns. Intemann
clarified that he plans to address these concerns during his report to Senate.
B. Review of and discussion of Show Cause Reports to see if they have curricular implications.

IV. Items for Review/Possible Action:
A. Honors College Committee Report:
• No report
B. Liberal Studies Committee Report:
• Gave Type III Writing Intensive approval for Wayne Moore/Linda Szul to teach BTED 411 Methods in Business Education and Information Technology
Liberal Studies report was received by the committee.
C. 09-40f LBST 199 First Year Seminar criteria, revised language approved provisionally on a Lewis/Mensch motion. Request change in wording to clarify that students cannot be required to take a specific section of LBST 199.
D. On a Lewis/Potts motion, the UWUCC voted to move forward, for action to Senate, the joint statement below from the UWUCC and UWGC on the “show-cause” responses for low-enrolled programs. Intemann abstained.

“The UWUCC and the UWGC would like to acknowledge the time and effort of all programs and departments who participated in submitting “show-cause” responses as a result of PASSHE's determination that their program is “low-enrolled.” Likewise, we appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of the IUP administration to include the UWUCC, the UWGC and the Senate in shared governance regarding the "show cause” responses PASSHE has demanded. However, the UWUCC and UWGC are unable to consider these "show cause" responses or recommend them to the Senate for approval. The main reason is that they are not curricular proposals as outlined in the Graduate Curriculum Handbook and the Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook, and do not follow any of the procedures approved by the Senate for the purpose of curriculum review. While some of the “show cause” responses propose curricular actions such as initiating a new degree program or revising a current one, they do not constitute the curricular proposal we would need in order to consider such actions. These responses are basically “letters of intent” regarding how each program plans to address the concerns raised by PASSHE. Also, it is unclear as to the degree to which they have been approved by departmental or college curriculum committees, or by the Provost's office.

If any of these responses should result in proposals for curriculum changes, we will be happy to consider those proposals when they reach us.”

E. 09-67 NURS 434 Community Health, distance education
Provisionally approved on a Hannibal/Migyanka motion. Attach copy of quiz mentioned in module. On page 8 use generic presentation software rather than “Power Point.” Is Exam 1 20 or 10% (shown differently in Evaluation Methods vs. schedule). Include statement about exams that allows for students who are not able to come to campus to take them, e.g,. students stationed overseas, etc.? Discussion assignments are not mentioned in the evaluation section. Suggest the possibility of alternate arrangement for exams be considered.
F. 09-60 BIOL 474 Spring Flora of the Northeastern U.S., new course Provisionally approved on a Potts/Lewis motion. Needs to add line about culminating activity.
G. 09-48a B.S. in General Management, Distance Education Post Bac degree program
Provisionally approved on a McCombie/Metz motion. Reword “special needs students” as it has other meanings—perhaps “post-bac students”?
H. 09-48d MGMT 330 Production and Operations Management, course revision
Approved on a McCombie/Hannibal motion.
I. 09-66d CDFR 310 Child Observation and Assessment (was Advanced Child Development), course revision, course title change, catalog description change
Provisionally approved on a Potts/Metz motion. New syllabus needs word “Child” in course title. Include in list of changes rewording of objectives 1-5 and rationale behind rewording of objectives.
J. 09-66e CDFR 315 Introduction to Early Intervention, new course
Returned on a Hannibal/Craig motion. One nay. Course objectives need to be reworded, e.g. “demonstrate understanding” rather than “be familiar with,” etc. Needs letter from Special Education.
K. 09-66g CDFR 322 Early Care and Education, course revision, catalog description change Provisionally approved on a Lewis/Metz motion. Correct number of tests and the standards.
L. 09-66h CDFR 323 Family Issues, course revision, catalog description change
Returned on a Lewis/Numan motion. Re-do as a new course proposal (too many significant changes).

Adjourned 6:18 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Chauna Craig