University Wide Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Tuesday, March 16, 2010
16A Leonard Hall

I. Call to Order

In Attendance: Craig, Hyde, Lewis, McCombie, Mensch, Metz, Migyanka, Onueme, Potts, Sechrist
Turner Excused: Hannibal, Numan Absent: Crocker, Krastin, Widdowson

II. Minutes from March 2, 2010 Curriculum Committee Meeting approved on a Migyanka/Metz motion after adding in who attended the meeting.

III. Co-Chairs Report
A. No Report

IV. Items for Review/Possible Action:
A. Honors College Committee Report:
• No report
B. Liberal Studies Committee Report:
• Approved number changes in the following Geoscience courses:
a. GEOS 150 Geology of National Parks (was 250)
b. GEOS 151 The Age of Dinosaurs (was GEOS 251)
c. GEOS 152 Physical Resources of Earth (GEOS 252)
d. GEOS 153 Forensic Geology (was GEOS 253)
e. GEOS 154 Human Exploration of Space (was GEOS 254)
Report accepted on a McCombie/Potts motion.
C. 09-40a Liberal Studies Criteria Explanation of Revisions to Liberal Studies Information Packet
Provisionally approved on a Potts/McCombie motion with one nay. Under “B. Faculty and Department Commitment to Liberal Studies,” the committee suggests that “compliance” be reworded as it will raise flags with faculty. Also, further explanation regarding the composition and guidelines of the University Assessment Committee, especially clarifying that student learning rather than faculty teaching is under assessment will need to be provided at Senate or this will be returned.
D. 09-52a COMM 201 Internet and Multimedia, distance education
Provisionally approved on a Potts/McCombie motion. Fix or delete hours—currently add up to 45.
E. 09-52b LIBR 201 Internet and Multimedia, distance education
Provisionally approved on a McCombie/Lewis motion pending double-checking page collation problems. Also, from our experience so far with Moodle we are not sure that the instructor will be able to determine whether students have viewed specific pages, which is how it is stated that they will be evaluated.
F. 09-50 LBST 499 Climbing Your Family Tree, distance education
Page 16 typo, on page 24 adjust grading scale to include 62%, on page 19 and perhaps elsewhere there are cut and paste errors with references to metropolitan problems instead of 499. Provisionally approved on a Metz/Turner motion.
G. 09-64a HPED 251 Foundations of Safety and Emergency Health Care, distance education
Returned on a Hyde/Metz motion. Proposer needs to clarify on A1 the instructor's distance education qualifications. Course description and course objectives must match syllabus of record. How are students meeting requirements on-line for American Red Cross certification in first aid and CPR? It seems that the class is part on-line and part in-class, but that isn't clear, and a single syllabus clarifying that would help.
H. 09-64b HPED 252 Introduction to the Driving Task, distance education
Returned on a Migyanka/Potts motion. Proposer needs to clarify on A1. the instructor's distance education qualifications. Also clarify if this course is all on-line or partially and to what degree. Needs old syllabus and course catalog description to match.
I. 09-62 JRNL 223 Photojournalism, distance education
Returned on a Turner/Lewis motion. On A2 needs to address how each specific objective will be met. Also, needs a full module lesson and not just a sample lecture. Submit the power point and include an assessment technique.
J. 09-66b CDFR 218 Child Development, course revision, catalog description change
Needs NCATE matrix and key assessments added because this is a required course in the BSED program, then it needs to go to TECC for approval, and
LSC for approval before UWUCC can forward to Senate. Approved provisionally pending the above approvals on a Migyanka/Metz motion; McCombie abstained.
K. 09-63 CDFR 218 Child Development, distance education
Provisional approval on a Lewis/Potts motion; McCombie abstained. Need to add the two referenced quizzes to the end of the proposal as the last part of the module.
L. 09-58 THTR 347 Playwriting, distance education
Returned on a Turner/Metz motion. Objectives discussed under Step One need to match the DE syllabus, the syllabus of record needs to be included if there is no available syllabus of record a syllabus of record needs to be established via a course revision, the module needs to be expanded, is there a true course outline available for the course?, instructor needs to explain how students would get COPIES NOW packet if they are not in Indiana, PA. Make the instructor aware of potential grade appeal issues with the 5th bullet under you start with 100 points. The Online syllabus has numerous references to in class such as Ink cartridges and printing out items to distribute to class mates. The spelling of the course title does not match the catalog.
M. 09-56 THTR 205 Classic Theater I, distance education
Returned on a McCombie/ Migyanka motion. Objectives under Step One need to match the DE syllabus more exactly (one is omitted too), catalog description doesn't match the catalog, multiple typos on page one of summer 2010 syllabus. Module is ok and will not need to be reviewed again.
N. 09-51b PSYC 389 Psychology of Music, distance education
Approved on a Lewis/McCombie motion.

Adjourned at 6:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Chauna Craig & Gail Sechrist