Army officers lead people, travel the world, and get things done, all while earning a professional salary, enjoying a great quality of life, and building a secure financial future for themselves and their families.

After entering the Army, you'll be assigned to a branch of the Army based on your education and experiences, your stated preference, and the Army's needs. To get a snapshot of the different branches, visit Army ROTC at

No matter what branch you choose, you won't find yourself spending twenty or thirty years doing one job behind a desk. The Army will give you the opportunity to perform different jobs every two or three years. The rotation process enables every Army officer to become qualified in his or her branch.

As your job assignments change, so will your job locations. It's very possible that during the course of your career, you'll live and work in several regions of the world. You'll lead, and you'll train young soldiers who joined the Army to learn a skill, continue their education, or simply grow as individuals. By helping them achieve their goals, you'll be serving the country as you help them serve.

As you serve, the Army will give you many opportunities to continue your education, including earning your master's or doctorate in your chosen fields.

Whether you serve three years or thirty, you'll leave the Army proud of what you achieved and be ready for the next phase in your career.