The direct, hands-on experience you receive in ROTC training won't be found anywhere else. You will be given significant responsibilities very early in your nursing career.


An officer is a leader. That's why leadership and managerial training are stressed in ROTC. The Army provides Nursing students with unique training to develop the kinds of skills that will help them take charge.


There is no mystery about how to get ahead in the Army Nurse Corps. Promotions are based on performance, and the career path is clear-cut. You'll be given the opportunity to progress in rank as your nursing proficiency and effective leadership traits are demonstrated.

Professional Environment

As an Army nurse, you're a vital member of the health care team. You've trained to meet problems head on and solve them quickly, always adapting to the situation and taking charge. You are a thinker and decision-maker, earning the respect of your colleagues and the people who work for you.

Civilian Professional

Army Officer


Two weeks per year 30 days per year

Sick Leave

Limited Unlimited, with full pay and allowances


Possible professional discount Free


At own expense Military facilities around the world and space on available flights overseas


At own expense Officers Club, golf courses, fitness centers, etc., at reduced rates. Planned family activities

Continued Education

Possible reimbursement Programs available for tuition. Army pays 75 percent of all tuition cost


Social Security at 62 and own retirement plan Eligible for retirement after twenty years. Active service

Pay Raises

As determined by civilian institution Automatic raises every two years


Civilian stores Reduced prices at Base Exchange and Commissary, Garden Shop, etc.

Relocation Allowance

At own expense Household goods moved at government expense, plus moving allowances

Life Insurance

At own expense $400,000 term policy for only $25 per month

Job Security

Seniority lost when relocating Secure! Your security moves with you.