How do I find an active ethernet jack?

Suites Wall Jack

There is at least one active internet jack for each student living in the suites. Each port will be marked with your room number and some letters; for example, 123-AA. Only ports ending in the letter "A" are active for ethernet. Port names ending in "B" are either open or are active for phone. So, 123-AA would be an ethernet port, while 123-AB would be inactive (unused phone line).

If you live in Whitmyre Hall, your room has an AD port and a BD port, which are active for ethernet. So, if your room number was 123, your ethernet ports would be 123AD and 123BD. Both ports are on the same box. 

The Punxsutawney Living Center has a third numbering scheme. Any port labeled BA or AB should be active.

See How to Connect My Computer or Other Device to the Internet if you have trouble connecting to the internet with an ethernet cable.

Ethernet Cable

Ethernet CableMake sure you have the correct type of ethernet cable. It needs to be a category 5 or category 6 networking cable. You cannot access the network with a phone cable.

Game Machines and Other Network Devices

You can register other network devices, such as game machines, Blu-ray players, and smart TVs by following the instructions on the How to Connect My Computer or Other Device to the Internet.