Residential Computing Centers

The Resnet office, part of the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining, maintains several Residential Computer Labs across campus. Due to social distancing concerns, the number of computers in the labs has decreased and computers have been spread throughout the building.

Building Lab Location Number of Computers in Lab Number of Computers Around Building Printer Location
Putt Hall G4
  • 1, first floor lobby
In lab
Delaney Hall No central lab location
  • 1, second floor central lounge near printer
  • 1, third floor central lounge

Second floor, central lounge
Suites on Maple East 204 5
  • 2, second floor lobby
  • 2, third floor lobby
  • 2, fourth floor lobby
In lab
Ruddock Hall G2
  • 2, ground floor lobby
In lab
Northern Suites 111 5
  • 1, third floor
  • 1, fourth floor
In lab
Wallwork Hall G88
  • 1, ground floor hallway next to printer
  • 1, first floor central game room
  • 1, second floor, south elevator lobby
Hallway outside of lab
Suites on Pratt G10
  • 1, first floor lobby
  • 1, third floor lobby
In lab
Stephenson Hall G40 5
  • 1, second floor, center lobby
  • 1, third floor center lobby
In lab