Recent Graduate Student Research Grant Award recipients and their projects:

Spring Semester 2015
Dept/Program Project Title
Leigh Campetti
Applied Archaeology, MA
A Predictive Model for the Archaic/Woodland Transition in Isle Royale National Park, Michigan
Thomas Firneno
Biology, MS
Species Delimitation in Sympatric and Parapatric Distributions of Mesoamerican Toads Utilizing nDNA and Electrophoretic Protein Profiling
Jennifer Follett
English, PhD, Composition and TESOL
How Writing Center Tutors Respond Cognitively, Emotionally and Behaviorally to Student Writers' Expressions of Negative Emotions Associated with Academic Writing
Kevin Gubbels
Applied Archaeology, MA
Investigating Fire-Cracked Rock at Monongahela Sites: An Experimental Approach
Timothy Hummel
Biology, MS
Molecular Detection of the Eastern Hellbender in Pennsylvania Streams
Adam Matz
Criminology, PhD
Enhancing Community Supervision: A Unified Voice for Community
Amanda Rasmussen
Applied Archaeology, MA
An Analysis of the Archaeological Remains at Fort Halifax Park
Adam Wassel
English, PhD, Literature and Criticism
More than Murderers: Confronting Perpetrators in Holocaust Fiction
Fall Semester 2014
Dept/Program Project Title
Kayla Bennett
Art, MFA
Relationship Series
Laura Ellis Applied Archaeology, MA
Investigating the Orchard Site: A Protohistoric Fort Ancient Site in West Virginia
Laura Gilman
Psychology, PsyD
Common Profiles and Clinical Utility of the MMPI-2RF in Competency to Stand Trial Evaluation
Michael Itgen
Biology, MS
Integrative Taxonomic Reassessment of Salamanders of the Lenca Highlands of Honduras
Vishal Keshari
Biology, MS
Molecular Function of the lhx 1 a Transcription Factor
Catherine Krygeris
Biology, MS
Conservation and Management for Two Critically Endangered Anurans from the Cordillera de Celaque, Honduras
Janelle Newman
English, PhD, Composition and TESOL
Discourse Analysis of the Recontextualization of Educational Discourse Affecting the Parent Involvement of Families of Linguistic and Cultural Diversity
Daniel Peles
Biology, MS
Determining Mycobacterium avium Host Immune Response Evasion: Serovar 8 and its Significance in Phagosome-Lysosome Fusion
Jessica Showalter
English, PhD, Literature and Criticism
Archival Research for the Lowell Biglow Papers Digital Edition
Spring Semester 2014
Dept/Program Project Title
Thomas Firneno
Biology, MS
Species Delimitation in Mesoamerican Toads: Phylogenetic Systematics and Electrophoretic Protein Profiling of Paratoid Venom
Jennifer Rinkevich
Curriculum and Instruction, EdD
The Relationship Among Student Creativity, Curiosity, and Academic Intrinsic Motivation: A Mixed Methods Phenomenological Study of Sixth Grade Students
Galen Smith
Applied Archaeology, MA
An Experimental Approach to Identifying Prehistoric Netting Technologies in the Delaware River Valley
Katie Turner
Applied Archaeology, MA
An Examination of Late 18th Century Forts: A Pennsylvania Typology
Alexander Wiredu
Biology, MS
Biomarkers in the Chemotaxonomy of Rhizoctonia solani species complex performing LC/MS metabolite profiling
Fall Semester 2013
Dept/Program Project Title
Hopeton Bailey
Biology, MS A Multigenerational Study of the Effect of Stressors on the Golden Shiner (Notemigonus crysoleucas) $1,000
Tyler Kulp
Music, MA
Six-Mallet Marimba $780
Ashlee Long
Biology, MS
Development of Nucleic-acid Probe to Detect Novel Viral Sequences from select Isolate of Rhizoctonia solani
Darin McNeil
Biology, MS
A Comparison of Golden-winged Warbler Use and Nesting Success in Forested Wetlands and Upland Timber Harvests
Danna Rzecznik
Art, MFA Glaze Development with Mason Stains and Gold Lustre $982
Erika Stearly
Art, MFA
Take A Painting $891
Chiao-thong Yong
Psychology, PsyD The Psychological Screening of Chinese-Speaking International Students $324
Spring Semester 2013
Name Dept/Program Project Title Award
Jessica Showalter

English PhD
Literature and Criticism

American Minstrelsies: Passing and Performance $1,000
Tobechukwa Ukah Biology MS Generation of a Transgenic Zebrafish Line to Characterise Kidney Injury and Regeneration $982
Justin Gross Biology MS Monitoring the Response of Allegheny Woodrat (neotoma magister) Population to Habitat Management in Pennsylvania $585
Lydia DeHaven Archaeology MA The Squirrel Hill Site: A Geophysical Investigation and Reevaluation of a Monongahela Site $1,000
Courney Nicks Biology MS The Use of Landscape Genetics to Determine Factors Facilitating Fisher Recolonization $1,000
Linda Herrera Criminology MA When Men Leave Al Otro Lado (to the Other Side) of the Border: Voices of Mexican Women $800
Emily Sciulli Art MFA The One Good Thing Project: Socially Engaged Art as Community Outreach $338
Erika Farester Administrative and
Leadership Studies
Assessing Stress and Coping among Federal Probation Officers $1,000
Paul Kelly Biology MS Generation of a Zebrafish Transgenic Line that can be used as a Genetic Tool to Fate Map Kidney Stem Cells in the
Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Erika Stearly Art MFA Properties of Encaustic Paint and Strategies for Integration with Other Materials $546
Victoria Westin
Archaeology MA A Spatial Analysis of the Ripley Archaeological Site $1,000
Iman Abubaker Criminology MA Adapting to Stress in Alexandria, Egypt: Case Studies of Women during the Islamic Spring $500
Matthew Dovey Biology MS Photoperiod Regulation of Mammalian Circadian Rhythms through Social Interactions and Aggression $500
Nicolette Bell Administrative and
Leadership Studies
Motivation to Run: Using Fishbein and Aizen's Theory of Reasoned Action to Predict Participation in 5K Races $1,000
Fall Semester 2012
Name Dept/Program Project Title Award
Erin Knisely Art MFA Traditional Jewelry Fabrication Techniques: Non-Traditional Materials $993
Travis Ferry Biology MS The Effects of Parasitism by Larval Arrenurus danbyensis Water Mites on Adult Couillettidia perturbans Mosquito parity and Dispersal $995
Tomoko Oda English PhD
Comp and TESOL
Imagined Communities, Participation and Identities in Study Abroad Experiences of College Students $1,000
Sarah Ryan Psychology PsyD Accuracy and Confidence in Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations: A Comparison of Clinical and Legal Decision Making $873
Emily Sciulli Art MFA The One Good Thing Project $43
Garick Tai-Lee Art MFA Crystalline Glazes $844
Lisa Weddell English MA
A Sailor's Life is (not) for Me: Literature from the Seas and the Rise of National Identity $850
Spring Semester 2012
Name Dept/Program Project Title Award
Ethan Cullen Biology MS Nutrient composition of Lepidoptera larvae in relation to host-plant: implications for insectivorous forest songbirds $900
Carly Dunn English PhD
Literature and Crit
Deirdre Madden and the Expanding Traditions in Irish Women's Literature $1,000
Travis Ferry Biology MS The Effects of parasitism by Larval Arrenurus danbyensis Water Mites on Adult Coquillettidia perturbans Mosquito Parity and Dispersal $995
Brian Farester Sociology PhD
Admin and Leadrshp
Growing Up Working Class in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania: How Class Impacts Career and Educational Decisions $1,000
Erin Knisley Art MFA Traditional Jewelry Fabrication Techniques: Non-Traditional Materials $993
Callista Holmes Anthropology
Archaeology MS
Modeling Magnetic Signatures of Sunken Ships: 1750-1900 $940
Rebecca McDougall Biology MS Assessing the influence of habitat management on forest composition and population demographics of the Allegheny woodrat (neotoma magister) in Pennsylvania $815
Amber Nolder Biology MS Effects of Logging Practices on Bats in a Managed Hardwood Forest $889
Zachary Rhone English PhD
Literature and Crit
Mythopoeic Worldviews: The Writings of George MacDonald, G.K. Chesterton, and the Inklings $1,000
Lindsay Sabatino English PhD
Comp and TESOL
Interactions of the Online Writing Center: A Student's Perspective $225
Cheryl Sheridan English PhD
Comp and TESOL
The Development of a Local Journal and its Role in a Discourse Community on the Periphery $618
Christopher Weiss Student Affairs in Higher Ed MA Correlation Between Undergraduate College Students' Facebook Use and Co-Curriculum Involvement $105
Fall Semester 2011
Name Dept/Program Project Title Award
Andrea Boon Anthropology
Archaeology MS
A Faunal Analysis of the Eleventh Horizon of the Koster Site $640
Laura Kaufman Anthropology
Archaeology MS
What Difference Does 50 Years Make? An Examination of Faunal Remains from the Monongahela Johnston Village Site $969
Laura King Criminology PhD The Simplicity and Complexity of Public Attitudes toward Sex Crimes $1,000
David Kroskie Anthropology
Archaeology MS
The Role of Small Habitation Sites in Monongahela Subsistence Settlement Patterns $1,000
James McNabb Art MFA Exploring Creative Applications of Digital Manufacturing Technology $1,000
Dana Poole English PhD
Comp and TESOL
Assessing the Impact of an Increased Knowledge of Student Writing Anxiety on Professors' Pedagogical Practices $328
Emily Sciulli Art MFA The Craft of Handmade Paper in Contemporary Sculpture $895
Spring Semester 2011
Name Dept/Program Project Title Award
Abdullah Al-Dagamseh English PhD
Lit and Crit
Geopolitical Fractures: Representation and Resistance in the Literary Narratives of World Bank Literature $1,000
Laura D'Acunto Biology MS Bat Activity and Species Composition of Pennsylvania Landscapes Infected with White-Nose Syndrome $1,000
Mack Frantz Biology MS Breeding Habitat Use of Golden-winged Warblers in Pennsylvania $1,000
Rebekah Keating Biology MS Lepidoptera Host Preference in a Temperate Forest Ecosystem $1,000
Constance Kramer Counseling MA Cyberbullying: A Pilot Study $535
Michael Muder Geography MS Spatial and Temporal Variations of Bacterial Densities in the Receiving Waters of Combined Sewer Overflows: The Allegheny River in Downtown Pittsburgh $1,000
Michelle Myers-Claypole Biology MS Isolation of Fusobacterium necrophorum: Associate Etiological Agent of Equine Hoof Abscess $1,000
Kyle Nuske, Hiromi Kobata and Tomoko Oda English PhD,
Comp and TESOL
An Examination of Japanese and English Written Language Proficiency in Japanese Native-Speaking Adolescents in Japan and the U.S. $1,000
Rebecca Rosemeier Biology MS The Effects of Cyclic AMP on the Regulation of Biological Rhythms in Paramecium tetraurelia $887
Kiel Shaley Chemistry, MS Structural Characterization of the SRS2 Protein $1,000
Phillip Sharrow Chemistry, MS Preparation of Carbocycles by Intramolecular Cyclizations of Acyllithium Equivalents $981
Chin Hong Siew Biology MS Strategic Approaches to cDNA Synthesis and Comparative Proteomics of Double-Stranded (ds) RNA infecting Rhizoctonia solani isolates $1,000
Amy Swingle Psychology,
Undergraduate Student Parents: Stress, Role Conflict, and Coping $250
Fall Semester 2010
Name Dept/Program Project Title Award
Ibrahim Ashour English PhD
Comp and TESOL
The EFL Enterprise in Syria: An Examination of Teachers' and Inspectors' Interactive Relationships, Beliefs, and Attitudes $1,000
Jennifer Huck Criminology PhD Blue Ribbon Sentencing: Judicial Decision-Making and Situated Identities $1,000
Angela Jalliet Anthropology MA Understanding Panenarium in the Present: Proposal for Research at Site 35ME235 and the Subsequent Presentation to the Public $1,000
David Kroskie Anthropology MA The Role of Small Habitation Sites in Monongahela Subsistence-Settlement Patterns $1,000
Seth Mitchell Anthropology MA Chronology of the Late Woodland Monongahela Tradition Johnston Village Site $1,000
Kristin Swanton Anthropology MA Sacred Landscapes of the Pequot War: How Social Memory ahs Influenced Archaeological Research at the Battle of Mystic Fort $1,000
Shannon Tanghe English PhD
Comp and TESOL
Transnational Teaching Development Collaboration $1,000
Benjamin Tost Biology MS Kin recognition at the spiderling level in the common house spider Achaeraranea tepidariorum $334
Spring Semester 2010
Name Dept/Program Project Title Award
Faith Bellinger and Stephanie Marczuk Food and Nutrition MS The Relationship between Regular Breakfast Consumption and Academic Performance, Attendance and Alertness among College Students $425
Bifei Cao Art MFA Experimental Painting Methods in the Enamel Field $951
Rebecca Chamberlin, Kathryn Jenney
and Leah Zeman
Food and Nutrition MS The Power of Nutrition Information $215
Joseph Grata Biology MS A Comparison of Golden-Winged Warbler Breeding Habitats in Northcentral Pennsylvania $210
Melissa Jakubcak Biology MS The Feeding Habits of Red-Eyed Vireos as Discerned through CNB Barcoding $400
Jonathan Libbon Anthropology MA Roosevelt's Forest Army: A Study of Consumer Behavior at a Civilian Conservation Corp $1,000
Melissa Lingle-Martin English PhD
Lit and Crit
Disfiguring Lady Justice: 19th Century American Women Writers' Visions of Justice $1,000
Julie Mibroda Biology MS Understanding Factors that Influence the Distribution of the Endemic Shorthead Garter Snake in Northwestern Pennsylvania $1,000
Tina Madison Peschock English PhD
Lit and Crit
A Well-Hidden Secret: Harper Lee's Contribution to Truman Capote's In Cold Blood $976
Katy Ringbloom Biology MS The Physical and Chemical Effects of Wolf Spiders on Pest Insects $342
Heather Rininger Biology MS The Effects of Guanylate Cyclase (GC) on the Biological Rhythms of Paramecium tetrurelia $923
Michael Romagano Art MFA Emergence $498
Tina Rose Psychology PsyD Clinical Utility of Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A Practitioner's Perspective $163
Fall Semester 2009
Name Dept/Program Project Title Award
Elizabeth Campbell English PhD
Comp. and TESOL
Being and Writing with Others: On the Possibilities of an Ethnographic Composition Pedagogy $500
Carly Dunn English PhD
Lit and Crit
The Irish Language: An Intensive Study $1,000
Rachel Hagar Music MA
An Overview of Sergei Rachmaninoff's Operatic Works, with Emphasis on Monna Vanna $500
Yuan Hu Chemistry MS Na2(Zn,Co)Si04, A Promising Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor $1,000
Jennifer James Criminology PhD Attitudes and Reality: The Impact of Perceptions of Police on Students' Victimization Reporting Behaviors $248
Erica Kempler Art MFA Crystalline Glazes $881
Emmanuelle Maryse Wambach Art MFA A Dreamlike Installation $500
Erica Meyers Biology MS Identification of the Floal Scent Compounds Emitted bySymplocarpus foetidus $373
Mickey Moffe Biology MS Influence of Metal Concentrations, Percent Salinity, and Length of Exposure on the Metabolic Rate of Golden Shiners $992
James Nestor Art MFA Environmental Phenomenology $480
Mike Stofiel Art MFA Sustainability in Furniture Design: Materials and Finishing $1,000
Lauren Wheatall Biology MS The Effects of White-Tailed Deer Browing on Insect Diversity in the Allegheny Hardwood Forests $1,000
Chad Whitaker Art MFA The New Pittsburgh Daguerreotypes $1,000