External Funding for Graduate Student Research

External funding opportunities are available to graduate students, but they need to pay special attention to the eligibility requirements specified by the funding agency.

Only faculty and staff members can apply for external grant funding on behalf of the institution or where the eligibility requirement is "institute of higher education" or "nonprofit," and they can do so only after receiving authorization from university central administration to seek external funding. Graduate assistants cannot apply for external funding on behalf of the institution.

The following information is available to help graduate students find external funding:

Finding Grant Opportunities and Writing the Grant ProposalOnline Workshops

Grants and Fellowships

Doctoral and master's students can find grants and fellowships to aid them in their educational endeavors from a variety of financial sources. IUP's School of Graduate Studies and Research subscribes to SPIN Plus funding database, which is available to IUP students. Funding for graduate students to cover research and scholarly expenses is available from different organizations. View a list of funding opportunities collected for student reference.

An important aspect of acquiring funds for graduate study and research is knowing how to write an effective grant proposal. Find information about grant writing.

Grants for International Students

See a list of grant opportunities for international students and funding sources for international students.