IUP faculty members who have received awards from the statewide Faculty Professional Development Council (FPDC) in recent years include the following:

Spring 2014 Awards

Annual Grant Awards

Name Award Title
Nicholas Deardorff
$9,975 LiDAR and Field Investigation of Lava Flow Textures in Central Oregon
Tanya Heflin
$10,000 The Women's Diary Archive Project
Linda Jennings
$10,000 Development of Cello Performance and Pedagogy in Thailand
Krys Kaniasty
$9,600 The Impact of Perceived Stressfulness of Commonly Experienced Political Events on Psychological Well-Being of Americans
Veronica Watson
$10,000 Research for Critical Edition of Frank Yerby's The Foxes of Harrow
Ellen Yerger
$10,000 Development of Image Analysis Software Measuring Irregular Leaf Shapes from Insect Feeding on Native and Non-Native Plants

Innovation in Teaching and Improvement of Student Learning Outcomes Award

Name Award Title

Sue Rieg

$10,000 Building the BRIDGE: Building University and School District Relationships for Innovation, Development, and Growth in Education

Spring 2012 Awards

Collaborative Academic Grants

Name Award Title
Waleed Farag
$11,998 Designing and Deploying Novel Online Shared Computer Programming Modules (collaboration with Slippery Rock Univ)
Richard Kemp
$10,110 Feasibility Study for the Incorporation of Technology Content and Delivery of Theater and Arts Administration (collaboration with Slippery Rock Univ)

Spring 2010 Awards

Name Award Title
Francis Allard $5,782 Archaeological Research and Teaching in China
Shundong Bi $2,372 Documenting the Middle Miocene Climatic Warming in the Continental Interior of Asia
Tara Johnson $2,372 Enhancement of Teaching, Research, and Service by Acquiring Analytic Skills for Interdependent (i.e., Dyadic) Data
Laura Knight $7,891 Development of a Clinic at IUP to Serve Families of Children Suspected of Having Autism Spectrum Disorders
R. Scott Moore $7,930 Remote Sensing, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and Archaeology in Cyprus
Teresa Shellenbarger $6,608 Integrating Simulation Technology into Graduate Nursing Education
Thomas Simmons $7,982 Biology of Newly Discovered Water Mites Parasitic on Disease-Carrying Mosquitos

Spring 2009 Awards

Name Award Title
Robert Hinrichsen $6,096 Measurement of Oxygen Uptake in Paramecium tetraurelia: An Attempt to Correlate Metabolic Oscillations with the Ultradian Rhythms Controlling Cellular Behavior
Tawny Holm $6,000 Aramaic Literary Texts: A Bilingual Edition
Steve Loar $5,845 Classroom-to-the-Field - Creating a Model Program: Art as Environmental Remediation
Tim Nuttle $6,338 Long-term Impacts of White-tailed Deer Over-abundance on Birds of Deciduous Forests of Western Pennsylvania
Judith Villa
Rosalee Stillwell
Laurel Black
$6,090 The PACT Program: Developing Student Internships in English Studies
Therese Wacker $6,500 Professional Development through the Commissioning and World Premiere Performance of a New Piece for Piccolo and Wind Ensemble/Orchestra with Faculty Artist Therese Wacker and the IUP Wind Ensemble

Spring 2008 Awards

Name Award Title
Pearl Berman $6,085 Integrating Violence Prevention in the Psychology Curriculum
Stuart Chandler $6,500 Lessons of the Canary: The Autobiography of Oishi Junkyo - Geisha, Artist,
Buddhist Nun
Beverly Chiarulli $6,421 Reconstructing Past Environments at the Johnston Site
Waleed Farag $5,227 Designing and Implementing a Secure and Robust Steganographic System
that Uses MPEG Video as Cover Media
John Ford $6,361 Computational Redesign, Site-directed Mutagenesis, and Kinetic Study of a Cellulase
to Support Biomass Technology
Julia Greenawalt $6,000 Adoption of High Fidelity Simulation into Advanced Nursing Courses: Challenges
and Successes
Linda Jennings $6,160 Development of Artistry, Pedagogical Skills, and Knowledge of Diverse Musical
Cultures through National and International Performances
John Taylor $5,289 The Pattern of Faunal Replacement and Environmental Changes Across an Early
Ordovician Extinction Horizon

Spring 2007 Awards

Name Award Title
Waleed Farag $5,287 Assessing the Effectiveness of the MPEG-7 Standard in the Context of Video Content-Based Retrieval Systems
Julia Greenawalt $5,000 High-Fidelity Human Simulation Laboratory
Tawny Holm $5,611 Ritual and Gender Among Ancient Arameans: The "Nanay and Bethel" Sacred Marriage Text
Vida Irani $6,000 Does Mycobacterium avium Life and Death Depend on the Interplay between Mycobacterium avium ssGPL and the Host Macrophage Apoptocic Pathways?
Scott Moore $5,416 The Surveying and Mapping of Archaeological Material in the Southern Cyprus Coastal Zone
Cheryl Wilson $1,586 Selling the Silver-Fork: Writing, Reading, and Publishing Fashionable Novels
Keith Young $4,200 Publication of Compact Disc Solo Recording

Spring 2006 Awards

Name Award Title
Jenny Archibald $5,500 Association Between Patterns of Genetic and Morphological Divergence in a South African Plant and Polinator
Donald Buckwalter $6,000 Center for Russian and East European Studies - Pitt-Moscow S&S Week

Spring 2005 Awards

Name Award Title
Francis Allard $5,286 The Khanuy Valley Project on Early Nomadic Postoralism in Mongolia
Lynne Botelho $5,500 The Aging Body: Popular Medicine and the Elderly in England, 1500-1700
Tawny Holm $5,470 Women and Images of Women in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Ronald See $5,277 Development of the Non-Bonded Interaction Model of Molecular Geometry
John Taylor $4,663 Undescribed Triobite Faunas of Upper Cambrian Age from the Lower Half of the Conococheague Formation in Maryland and Northern Virginia