Faculty Professional Development Council (FPDC) Annual Grants Program Award Winners

IUP faculty members who have received awards from the statewide Faculty Professional Development Council (FPDC) in recent years include the following:

Spring 2014 Awards

Annual Grant Awards

Name Award Title
Nicholas Deardorff
$9,975 LiDAR and Field Investigation of Lava Flow Textures in Central Oregon
Tanya Heflin
$10,000 The Women's Diary Archive Project
Linda Jennings
$10,000 Development of Cello Performance and Pedagogy in Thailand
Krys Kaniasty
$9,600 The Impact of Perceived Stressfulness of Commonly Experienced Political Events on Psychological Well-Being of Americans
Veronica Watson
$10,000 Research for Critical Edition of Frank Yerby's The Foxes of Harrow
Ellen Yerger
$10,000 Development of Image Analysis Software Measuring Irregular Leaf Shapes from Insect Feeding on Native and Non-Native Plants

Innovation in Teaching and Improvement of Student Learning Outcomes Award

Name Award Title

Sue Rieg

$10,000 Building the BRIDGE: Building University and School District Relationships for Innovation, Development, and Growth in Education

Spring 2012 Awards

Collaborative Academic Grants

Name Award Title
Waleed Farag
$11,998 Designing and Deploying Novel Online Shared Computer Programming Modules (collaboration with Slippery Rock Univ)
Richard Kemp
$10,110 Feasibility Study for the Incorporation of Technology Content and Delivery of Theater and Arts Administration (collaboration with Slippery Rock Univ)

Spring 2010 Awards

Name Award Title
Francis Allard $5,782 Archaeological Research and Teaching in China
Shundong Bi $2,372 Documenting the Middle Miocene Climatic Warming in the Continental Interior of Asia
Tara Johnson $2,372 Enhancement of Teaching, Research, and Service by Acquiring Analytic Skills for Interdependent (i.e., Dyadic) Data
Laura Knight $7,891 Development of a Clinic at IUP to Serve Families of Children Suspected of Having Autism Spectrum Disorders
R. Scott Moore $7,930 Remote Sensing, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and Archaeology in Cyprus
Teresa Shellenbarger $6,608 Integrating Simulation Technology into Graduate Nursing Education
Thomas Simmons $7,982 Biology of Newly Discovered Water Mites Parasitic on Disease-Carrying Mosquitos

Spring 2009 Awards

Name Award Title
Robert Hinrichsen $6,096 Measurement of Oxygen Uptake in Paramecium tetraurelia: An Attempt to Correlate Metabolic Oscillations with the Ultradian Rhythms Controlling Cellular Behavior
Tawny Holm $6,000 Aramaic Literary Texts: A Bilingual Edition
Steve Loar $5,845 Classroom-to-the-Field - Creating a Model Program: Art as Environmental Remediation
Tim Nuttle $6,338 Long-term Impacts of White-tailed Deer Over-abundance on Birds of Deciduous Forests of Western Pennsylvania
Judith Villa
Rosalee Stillwell
Laurel Black
$6,090 The PACT Program: Developing Student Internships in English Studies
Therese Wacker $6,500 Professional Development through the Commissioning and World Premiere Performance of a New Piece for Piccolo and Wind Ensemble/Orchestra with Faculty Artist Therese Wacker and the IUP Wind Ensemble

Spring 2008 Awards

Name Award Title
Pearl Berman $6,085 Integrating Violence Prevention in the Psychology Curriculum
Stuart Chandler $6,500 Lessons of the Canary: The Autobiography of Oishi Junkyo - Geisha, Artist,
Buddhist Nun
Beverly Chiarulli $6,421 Reconstructing Past Environments at the Johnston Site
Waleed Farag $5,227 Designing and Implementing a Secure and Robust Steganographic System
that Uses MPEG Video as Cover Media
John Ford $6,361 Computational Redesign, Site-directed Mutagenesis, and Kinetic Study of a Cellulase
to Support Biomass Technology
Julia Greenawalt $6,000 Adoption of High Fidelity Simulation into Advanced Nursing Courses: Challenges
and Successes
Linda Jennings $6,160 Development of Artistry, Pedagogical Skills, and Knowledge of Diverse Musical
Cultures through National and International Performances
John Taylor $5,289 The Pattern of Faunal Replacement and Environmental Changes Across an Early
Ordovician Extinction Horizon

Spring 2007 Awards

Name Award Title
Waleed Farag $5,287 Assessing the Effectiveness of the MPEG-7 Standard in the Context of Video Content-Based Retrieval Systems
Julia Greenawalt $5,000 High-Fidelity Human Simulation Laboratory
Tawny Holm $5,611 Ritual and Gender Among Ancient Arameans: The "Nanay and Bethel" Sacred Marriage Text
Vida Irani $6,000 Does Mycobacterium avium Life and Death Depend on the Interplay between Mycobacterium avium ssGPL and the Host Macrophage Apoptocic Pathways?
Scott Moore $5,416 The Surveying and Mapping of Archaeological Material in the Southern Cyprus Coastal Zone
Cheryl Wilson $1,586 Selling the Silver-Fork: Writing, Reading, and Publishing Fashionable Novels
Keith Young $4,200 Publication of Compact Disc Solo Recording

Spring 2006 Awards

Name Award Title
Jenny Archibald $5,500 Association Between Patterns of Genetic and Morphological Divergence in a South African Plant and Polinator
Donald Buckwalter $6,000 Center for Russian and East European Studies - Pitt-Moscow S&S Week

Spring 2005 Awards

Name Award Title
Francis Allard $5,286 The Khanuy Valley Project on Early Nomadic Postoralism in Mongolia
Lynne Botelho $5,500 The Aging Body: Popular Medicine and the Elderly in England, 1500-1700
Tawny Holm $5,470 Women and Images of Women in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Ronald See $5,277 Development of the Non-Bonded Interaction Model of Molecular Geometry
John Taylor $4,663 Undescribed Triobite Faunas of Upper Cambrian Age from the Lower Half of the Conococheague Formation in Maryland and Northern Virginia