Asmaa Radwan, doctoral candidate of Curriculum and Instruction, and Crystal Machado, Department of Professional Studies in Education, presented a coauthored paper at the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education conference in San Diego in April 2022. The paper, titled "Using VoiceThread to Develop Preservice Teachers’ Ability to Learn, Design and Facilitate an Asynchronous Presentation," presents the results of a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Project.


Guided by the ISTE Standards for Educators (2017), we designed a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project to study the developing technology competence of 215 preservice teachers’ (PST) enrolled in multiple sections of ACE103 Digital Instructional Technology. In this paper we use survey data to describe how PSTs used VoiceThread (VT), a cloud application, to learn, design, and facilitate a small group lesson asynchronously in the cloud. We use descriptive, inferential, and non-parametric statistics to gain insight into PSTs’ experiences during the pre-design, design, and facilitation phase, the value they placed on the VT experience, and their willingness to use VT with their future students. Findings have implications for teacher educators who are committed to enhancing PSTs’ technology competence with asynchronous teaching and learning.

Department of Professional Studies in Education