Student permits for August 1, 2024, through July 31, 2025, can be purchased starting August 1, 2024. Current faculty and staff permits expire July 31, 2025.  

In the MyIUP portal:

  1. Log in to MyIUP. Go to Discover and search for "parking."
  2. On the Transportation and Parking card, click on Parking Portal Account.
  3. Click Online Parking Account.
  4. Click Vehicles (You must register all vehicles that you will be driving) 

    DO NOT put a - (hyphen) or a space in the plate number.

  5. Click Permits (top left of page).

  6. Click Get Permits.

  7. Click Purchase Permit. 
  8. Verify your address and click Next. If the address is incorrect, you must update your address in MyIUP under Personal Information.
  9. Select the permit that you are applying for. If you are a Faculty, Staff, or Commuter, select your specific permit. If you are living on campus, select Long Term. If you need a motorcycle permit, select Motorcycle.
  10. Read the page, click the box to agree to the terms, and click Next.
  11. At this point, you may add your vehicle information or select your current vehicle(s) if there are no changes. You can add multiple vehicles.
  12. Click Next.
  13. View Cart: If everything is correct, click Pay Now.
  14. Payment Information: Review this page, click the box to agree to the terms, and click Pay Now.
  15. Click Next. (If you are purchasing a Long-Term Permit, you must enter your credit card information.)
  16. Review the information and make sure it is correct. Click Next.
  17. You will be sent a message to your IUP email to verify your permit.
  18. Log out.