Voice: Suggested Audition Materials

Guidelines Based on Degree

All voice applicants for the BSEd, BA, or BFA Composition degree program are required to sing two memorized selections; one in Italian and one in English from the standard repertoire or suggested anthologies listed below.

All voice applicants for theBFA Music Performance degree program are required to prepare three memorized selections from the standard art song repertoire or suggested anthologies listed below. At least one selection must be in Italian. Applicants will also be asked to sight-read and to recall, or sing back, simple pitch patterns.

If there is a question of the suitability of repertoire, please contact the coordinator of voice activities, Joe Baunoch (baunochj@iup.edu).

  • Twenty-four Italian Songs and Arias, published by G. Schirmer, New York
  • Twenty-six Italian Art Songs and Arias, published by Alfred
  • First Book Series, edited by Joan Frey Boytim (IUP alumnus). Published by G. Schirmer, this series comes in First Book, First Book Part II, First Book Part III, Second Book, and Second Book Part II. The books are specific to each voice type (soprano, mezzo/alto, tenor, baritone/bass).
  • The Young Singer, R.D. Row Music Company. (soprano, mezzo/alto, tenor, baritone/bass)

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