Explore your passion for music so you can bring it to others

If you're a lover of music and want to make it an integral part of your life for years to come, we're here to encourage you to play on.

Whether you want to become a music educator, performer, composer, musicologist or critic, you'll be exposed to a range of instruments, music styles, and career options.

Why music?

Can you imagine a world without music? We can't.

Music brings meaning to our lives. With a BA, BFA, or BSEd in Music, you'll be well positioned to bring music (and meaning) into the lives of others.

The world needs music majors

What can you do with a music major?

  • A BA in Music puts you on an ideal path to graduate study or a variety of careers, such as musicology, arts administration, music business, and music therapy.
  • With a BFA in Music, we strengthen your musicianship so you can pursue your dream to become a professional performing musician.
  • A BSEd in Music Education equips you well for a career as a music teacher for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. And you're in good company: our graduates fill the music classrooms across the country.
  • Interested in musical theater? The Musical Theater Track, Theater, BA prepares you for entry-level work or graduate school training toward a career in theater and related occupations of the entertainment industry.

The IUP difference

Music ensembles. One of the greatest assets of the Department of Music is its quality and variety of ensembles. Follow your passion and sing a role in one of our opera or music theater productions, or perform with the marching band, choruses, jazz bands, concert bands, orchestra, or small ensembles.

Music faculty. Our 26 full-time and seven part-time faculty members may be distinguished by their diversity of scholarship, talent, and performance, but they are renowned for their commitment and dedication to their students. You will receive the personal attention and instruction that your talent deserves.

Cogswell Hall and more facilities. Completely renovated, rearranged, and expanded to incorporate state-of-the-art technology and acoustics, Cogswell is the heart of the Music Department, housing rehearsal spaces, practice rooms, studio space, classrooms, and a well-appointed music library. IUP is an all-Steinway school (93 total) and, as of May 2014, will have a Pogorselski-Yankee Memorial organ. Right next door, you'll find Fisher Auditorium, and a few buildings away is Gorell Recital Hall.

String instruments