Program Planning Guide

Welcome to the programming section of the Student Leadership website. The purpose of this section is to assist student leaders in their pursuits to planning and implementing campuswide programs that will be successful. Programming for students at IUP should be stress-free and a fun experience for both the event planner and the participants that attend.

This guide should contain most of the information you will need to plan successful and creative programs. Whether this is your first time in planning a campuswide or student organization program or you are experienced, this guide will help assist you in your endeavors. By using this guide, you should eliminate many questions or problems you may face when planning a program. Unfortunately, some problems and questions will arise. If a problem or question should arise, please contact a student leadership mentor as soon as possible at or by calling the Student Leadership office at 724-357-2598 .

Our Student Leadership mentors look forward to working with you over the course of the year.