Marketing, BS

Business Day at Eberly NETWORKING ON BUSINESS DAY: You'll have an ideal opportunity to network at our annual Business Day, when CEOs, CIOs, and other corporate executives from local and national companies come to campus to discuss business opportunities.

BS in Marketing

  • Achieve a solid foundation in marketing through core business administration and marketing courses.
  • Focus on integrating technical knowledge in all areas of marketing with analytical and communication skills.
  • Choose from a wide variety of electives such as internet marketing, social media marketing, advertising, professional selling, sales management, marketing research, marketing logistics, product design and branding, business-to-business marketing, direct marketing, retail management, and services marketing.
  • Participate in professional development and networking opportunities through our Student Marketing Association. Get involved in regional and national marketing competitions, review entrepreneurial projects, and evaluate the marketing worth of new products.
  • Take advantage of our corporate relations unit, which boasts a 50 percent placement of juniors and seniors in paid marketing internships.
  • Study abroad with our partner business schools in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Through scholarships with these schools, the cost of study is on par with the cost at IUP.
  • Become a part of the alumni network when you graduate.

Be Ready with Broad Business Core, Specialized Marketing Classes

Businesses can't succeed if no one is inspired to buy their products or to use their services. As a marketing major at IUP College of Business, you will learn how to contribute to the success of a business in today's global economy. You will learn to employ professional marketing industry practices and creative problem-solving.

You will take the business administration core courses which cover the spectrum of functional areas in business.You will also take courses in your major field such as Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, and several other courses in Marketing.

Your professors will combine instruction in the technical areas of marketing with coursework designed to strengthen your analytical and communication skills.

Explore Other Areas

You will also have space in your schedule for some additional courses to choose from complementary areas in business or other fields.

Marketing Graduates will be Professionally Competent in the Following Areas:

Buyer-Seller Dynamics in Marketing

Understand customer behavior in consumer markets and organizational markets along with the dynamics of transactions and relationships in business marketing.

Marketing Research

Develop the skill-sets for marketing research by working on research designs and statistical implementation techniques along with data handling and varied data analyses procedures.

Marketing Analysis in Business Decisions

Analyze and evaluate problems and opportunities for tactical and strategic decision-making in marketing applications, along with global dimensions of business and the international environment of marketing.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Develop operational abilities within the marketing domains of advertising and promotions design and development, social media and digital marketing, branding, and brand management.

Sales and Distribution Functions

Develop operational abilities within the marketing domains of professional selling and sales management, marketing channels and logistics, retailing, and internet marketing.