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If your college experience finds you craving an intellectual challenge, philosophy may well be right for you. Philosophers think and write clearly and precisely about many of the deepest questions we can ask about our world, questions about the nature of reality, the nature and limits of human knowledge, fundamental principles of ethics, and the foundations of justice and human rights. Philosophical training will sharpen your mind and enrich your life.

Philosophy, BA

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Track, BA

Minor in Philosophy

Religious Studies Programs

In our minor program in religious studies, you explore the phenomenon of religion in daily life. In the process, you may also discover new career options, as our nonsectarian method of study enables you to develop critical thinking skills that lead to a deeper comprehension of world and national cross-cultural events. It's also an ideal choice if you are contemplating a minor.

Minor in Religious Studies

Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy students have skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

For Current Students

Research guides, internships, and more for current Philosophy students and Religious Studies students.


Information about some recent IUP Philosophy alumni.

Honors Programs

Information about our Honors program in Philosophy.

Daniel N. Boone Speaker Series
Philosophy talks

Howard Z. Fitzgerald Philosophy Essay Contest
Prizes, rules, and past winners.


Yan Presents "Uncontainable Incommensurability" at Lund University

Leo Yan, of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, presented a paper titled "Uncontainable Incommensurability" at the Value Incommensurability Workshop, held at Lund University, Lund, Sweden, May 25–26, 2023.

2023 Howard Z. Fitzgerald Philosophy Essay Contest Winners

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Department congratulates the winners of the 2023 Howard Z. Fitzgerald Philosophy Essay Contest.

Philosophy Majors Present at 2023 Scholars Forum

Philosophy majors Shane Monteleone and Koan Weinstein presented posters at the IUP Scholars Forum on April 5, 2023.

Pedersen and Yan Present at American Philosophical Association Meeting

Hans Pedersen and Leo Yan, of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, presented papers at the Central Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, held in Denver, Colorado, February 22–25, 2023.

Yan Publishes “Seeming Incomparability and Rational Choice”

Leo Yan, of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, published an article titled “Seeming Incomparability and Rational Choice” in the journal Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.