IUP has a storied history, growing from a small normal school (a school to train teachers) to the modern, doctoral granting institution we are today.

IUP Timeline

Follow the course of IUP's 150-year history as an institution of higher learning (you can see, and download, an infographic of this timeline below):

  • 1860s: The Indiana Teacher Training Institute, along with prominent citizens of Indiana, Pennsylvania, discuss the need for improved teacher training.
  • 1871: Pennsylvania General Assembly allocates money for the establishment of the Indiana Normal School. Funds are raised locally for the construction of its first building, John Sutton Hall.
  • May 17, 1875: Indiana Normal School begins its first session in John Sutton Hall.
  • 1875-76: Student enrollment was 225.
  • 1893: Wilson Hall was constructed and was the home of the Model School.
  • 1911-12: Student enrollment was 1,202.
  • 1920: Indiana State Normal School (Pennsylvania State Normal School) is sold to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • 1927: Indiana State Normal School becomes Indiana State Teachers College and confers its first collegiate degree.
  • 1927-28: Student enrollment was 1,347.
  • 1957: IUP awards its first graduate degrees.
  • 1959: Indiana State College is created with curriculum shifting to a multipurpose institution.
  • 1959-60: Student enrollment was 3,317.
  • 1965: Indiana State College achieves university status and became Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
  • 1965-66: Student enrollment was 6,334.
  • 1975: IUP celebrates centennial with the renovation of John Sutton Hall.
  • 1981: Completion of the Stapleton Library Complex.
  • 2005-06: Student enrollment was 14,081.
  • 2007: Residence Revival begins with the construction of Delaney Hall.
  • 2008: Fisher Auditorium and Waller Hall are renovated and become the Performing Arts Center.
  • 2011: Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex opens.
  • 2015: The College of Humanities and Social Sciences building is completed.
  • 2018: Whitmyre Hall, built in 1952 and home of the Cook Honors College, is renovated.
  • 2020-21: Construction will begin on the Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics building.

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Milestones in IUP History Timeline Image