Articles and Other Photocopied Materials

Copies of materials besides books and media items—including journal articles, book chapters, manuscripts, and so forth—must either have the written permission of the copyright holder or fall under the Fair Use guidelines of copyright law.

Getting Permission

Faculty may obtain permission in writing from the copyright holder(s) to use materials for an explicitly stated purpose. Publishers generally have established copyright clearance offices and standard practices to allow for use of materials beyond the legal limitations. Frequently, publishers will not ask for payment, and only require a written request for permission to use materials for classroom or reserve purposes.

If permission is granted for use of an item, the Library requires a copy of the permission letter or email for our files. We will adhere to the period of reserve use allowed by the publisher.

For all other items, it is the responsibility of the faculty member, staff member, and/or graduate assistant making the request to ensure that photocopied items placed on reserve fall under fair use as explained in Title 17, section 107 of the Copyright Law of the United States.

Submitting Items

To submit an item to be placed on reserve, complete a Photocopy Reserve Form and a signed Reserve Checklist for Fair Use.

For help completing the fair use checklist, visit Four Factors of Fair Use.

IMPORTANT: You may list multiple items on the Photocopy Reserve Form. However, each separate item must have its own Reserve Checklist for Fair Use.