Regular, careful assessment of our library services helps us measure our impact on student success, identify areas where our services can be improved, demonstrate the value of the library, and understand the needs of 21st-century scholars and students.

The IUP Libraries regularly participates in the LibQUAL+ survey to assess the quality of our library service offerings. We've analyzed the results of the survey, including a careful analysis of the open-ended comments, to identify where our services are strong as well as where to focus our efforts on service improvement.

Take a look at the our complete LibQUAL+ survey results for 2021.

How LibQUAL+ Helps

By conducting the survey, we were able to study:

  • Institutional data and reports that help us assess whether our library services are meeting the expectations of our users;
  • Aggregated data and reports that allow us to compare our performance with that of peer institutions.

Furthermore, the LibQUAL+ survey provided library users the opportunity to tell us where our services need improvement, so we can respond to user expectations, and help us develop new services.

Informed Consent

Participation in the LibQUAL+ study was voluntary; all students, staff, and faculty over the age of 17 were free to decide not to participate in this study or to withdraw at any time without adversely affecting their relationship with the investigators or IUP. Responses were considered only in combination with those from other participants. The information obtained in the study may be published in library journals or presented at library meetings, but respondent identities are kept strictly confidential.