Summer 2010 Liberal Studies Committee Minutes

Committee members: Y. Asamoah, M. Hildebrandt, K. McKee, R. Pavloski, D. Pistole, F. Slack, M. Taddie, T. Wacker, G. Wilson, C. Zoni

The following actions were taken by e-mail votes during the summer of 2010.

  1. Motion by Pistole to approve James Racchini to teach LBST 499 Sport: A Microcosm of Society Unanimous.
  2. Motion by Pistole to approve Laura Rhodes to teach LBST 499 Safe Living: A Challenge in Modern Societies Unanimous.
  3. Motion by Pistole to accept the changes and approve FRNC 201 and 202 Intermediate French I and II (originally reviewed at our 15 October, 2009 meeting) as Liberal Studies Electives. Unanimous.
  4. Motion by Pistole to approve Meghan Twiest to teach LBST 499 Values and Education. Unanimous.
  5. Motion by Pistole to approve David Doverspike to teach LBST 499 Childhood in America. Unanimous.