March 25, 2010

3:30 p.m.
Stabley 101

Present: Y. Asamoah, M. Hildebrandt, K. McKee, R. Pavloski, D. Pistole, F. Slack, M. Taddie, T. Wacker, G. Wilson, C. Zoni

1. Approve minutes of 18 March 2010 meeting - Wilson/Zoni/Taddi: passed 8/0/0.

2. BTED 411 Methods in Business Education and Information Technology. G. Wilson will contact W. Moore to clarify a number of issues associated with the proposal. We will review it again at our next meeting.

3. Zoni/Asamoah motion to approve the course revision and catalog description change for COSC 493 Internship in Computer Science. Passed 10/0/0. D. Pistole will contact D. Smith to relate the committee's concern that only the second of the two six hour internships can have a W designation.

4. Wilson/Pavloski motion to approve the Liberal Studies portion of the program revision of the B.S. in Biology Education. This involves the addition of a one credit physics lab (PHYS 161) to the program. Passed 10/0/0.

5. Pistole and Wilson reported that the senate passed the English II criteria then moved to table the rest of the criteria (and possibly all future criteria) until the budget crisis is over.

6. The committee then discussed how to proceed from this point.
a. F. Slack will summarize the ideas generated in the discussion and send them to D. Pistole who will send them to the rest of the committee.
b. D. Pistole will ask for a meeting with the Provost and other involved parties for the end of next week to present the committees ideas and to create a plan of action for moving the Liberal Studies curriculum forward.

7. Wilson/Hildebrandt motion to approve the revised Information Literacy Criteria. Passed 10/0/0.

8. Wilson/Hildebrandt motion to approve the revised Guidelines for Liberal Studies Curriculum Proposals. Passed 10/0/0.

Motion to adjourn: Wacker/McKee - Passed Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.