Wireless Setup

  • The IUP wireless network is available across campus, including the Oak Grove.

    Wireless routers are positioned in many locations to provide the best overall coverage.  

    Please note , if you are experiencing slowness in the residential halls, the issue could be related to wireless printers that are broadcasting in your area. You can also review the ResNet’s page on "Internet Running Slowly" for other suggestions. If you have further questions on possible issues, please log a ticket via ihelp so the issues can be researched further.

    If you know your network username and password, and you have a properly updated PC or laptop, you can use these links to set up the IUP wireless network. 

  • The IUP wireless network can be setup to use two types of authentication.

    One type is by using your MyIUP/network username/password to connect.  The other type is by using a User Certificate. The User Certificate is a certificate that gets installed on the client device. The main advantage of configuring the client to use the certificate setup method is the client device does not need to be updated with the new password when a user changes their MyIUP/network password. The user certificate is valid for five years once installed on a device. 

    For the User Certificate setup, IUP uses a product named XpressConnect Enrollment System.

  • Residential Network Setup
    A Web-based utility called iconnect.iup.edu now makes it easier to configure and connect to the IUP wired or wireless network, regardless of your platform (PC or Mac) or operating system.
    Personal Mobile Devices
    The IT Support Center offers limited support for personal mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. These instructions are provided as a resource to students and employees who wish to set up their own devices.
    Guest Wireless Network
    Information on IUP's guest wireless network service
    Wireless Network Requirements
    Operating system and wireless network card requirements for connecting to IUP's wireless network.
    Wireless Setup for Smart Devices
    Steps to connect your smart device to the network.
    Wireless Communications Guidelines
    Guidelines governing the use of wireless devices on the IUP network.