The Office of International Education and the College of Education and Communications hosts K-12 educators through the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for International Teachers (FDAI) and in the past, the International Leaders in Education Program (ILEAP).

Funded by the US Department of State and administered by IREX, this is the fourth year that IUP will serve as host. Previously known as International Leaders in Education Program, IUP is proud to now host the Fulbright teachers. This program offers these talented educators an enriching cultural exchange. Fulbright participants audit graduate and undergraduate courses, participate in field excursions to public elementary and secondary schools in Indiana and Pittsburgh and engage in Inquiry Projects that will help to improve education in their home countries.

2019 Fulbright Participants

2019 Fulbright Participants: Top left: Rabha Sahli (Morocco), Omar Bentabet (Morocco), Lamine Cisse (Senegal), Flavia Nakajjugo (Uganda), Carlos Rojas Ortega (Mexico), Koga Chilume (Botswana), Precious Letsatle (Botswana), Valerie Baptist (Singapore), Ni Putu Wiwik Kusuma Dewi (Indonesia), Chin Meng Ong (Singapore), Thomas Lim (Singapore) Bottom left: Marie Frederic Pouye (Senegal), Juliana Tando (Indonesia), Guillermo Flores Padilla (Mexico), Constance Mogara (Botswana), Ismiati (Indonesia), Nadia Alcaraz Ochoa (Mexico), Noelline Nanyumba (Uganda)

At the Indiana County Technology Centertt

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