Specialized Resource Rooms

The Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining has many specialty rooms available to be reserved. See the Use and Scheduling of Public Space for reservation details.

Delaney Hall

  • 225 - English Resource Room - Offers access to a variety of writing resources and literature.
  • 227 - Criminology Resource Room - Offers access to literature in the field of criminology and law enforcement.
  • 325 - Multicultural Suite - Offers a variety of resources regarding multiculturalism and diversity.
  • 327 - Women's Studies Resource Room - Celebrates the LGBTQIA community and offers a variety of historical, academic, and educational resources.

    Northern Suites

    • 206 -Collaborative Learning Space
    • 302 -Science Resource Room
    • 306 -Math and Computer Technology Resource Room
    • 402 -Human Anatomy and Psychology Resource Room
    • 406 - Space Resource Room
      • These are great spaces for study groups or individual quiet working spaces. These spaces are left unlocked and are able to be used by students at any time.

    Stephenson Hall

    • 202 - Business Resource Room - Business-orientated space that offers access to business- and management-related books and resources.
    • 402 Transition Success Room - Equipped to support students who are new to the Indiana campus, with a focus on second-year students who have transitioned from IUP's regional campuses.

    Suites on Pratt

    • 302 -Leadership Resource Room

    Ruddock Hall

    • 306 Ruddock - Education Resource Room - Lending library of children's/young adult books, Cricut brand machines, paper cutters, trimmers, and edging scissors and lamination machine.
    • 402 Ruddock - Mindfulness Rooms - Offers opportunity to free your mind, quiet your thoughts, and relax in one of the quiet rooms.

    Suites on Maple East

    • 306 Maple East - Health and Wellness Room - Equipped with a life-size skeleton, human torso with removable parts, scale, body fat analyzer, and blood pressure cuff.
    • 402 Maple East - Mindfulness Room - Offers opportunity to free your mind, quiet your thoughts, and relax in one of the quiet rooms.

    Wallwork Hall

    • G49 - Spanish Language Resource Room - Study/meeting space equipped with many Spanish magazines and art pieces.
    • 387A and 387B - Asian Studies Resource Room - Celebrate Asian cultures and Asian art pieces; equipped with a projector and computer.