Living Learning

Explore something you are passionate about while living around others who share your interest—Welcome to Living-Learning Communities! Choose your favorite, and be ready to love where you live.

Living-Learning Communities by Theme

You'll build friendships fast when you share an interest with those living near you. Go to special events based on the theme, and find yourself immersed in things you find interesting—like dinosaur bones you pass in the hall as you leave your room.

In some Living-Learning residence halls, you can even get advice from a professor who volunteers to hold office hours in the building.

Living-Learning Community Certificate Programs

In the two Living-Learning Community Certificate Programs, you'll enjoy all the advantages of living in an LLC and being in one of the linked options, but you'll take it one step further. You'll do more to explore the academic side of the theme as a group and earn a certificate at the end of your experience that could give you an edge in the job market.

Linked Living-Learning Options

 In the linked options, you'll get all of the advantages of the LLC communities, but you'll also take a class or two together as a group, which helps you form stronger connections.

Important: Use Form to Sign Up for Certificate Programs

To participate in one of the Living-Learning Community Certificate Programs, submit the Living-Learning Community Certificate Program form that can be found under the Forms tab when completing your housing application through MyIUP.

Good Things Go Quickly!

Don't hesitate—reservations for our LLCs and suites are being taken now! Sign up for your 2020-21 housing and choose your favorite.

If you have any questions or need advice, you can call us at 724-327-2696 or contact us at or

Pick Your Favorite Living-Learning Community

Business Community

Located in Stephenson Hall, close to Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

Cook Honors College Community

Located in Northern Suites, close to Whitmyre Hall, the Cook Honors College LLC is open to students in the Honors College who want suite-style living (except for freshmen, who all live in Whitmyre Hall).

Education and Communications Community

Located in Ruddock Hall, contains Communications Media and Education clusters

Fine Arts Community

Located in Putt Hall, contains Art, Music, and Theater and Dance clusters

Global Awareness Community

Located in Wallwork Hall, contains Spanish Language and Asian Studies clusters

Health and Wellness Community

Located in Suites on Maple East, contains Mindfulness, Wellness, Food and Nutrition, Kinesiology, Health, Sport Science, and Nursing and Allied Health clusters

Leadership Development Community

Located in Suites on Pratt, this community brings students together to share in a fun exploration of leadership

LGBTQIA+ Community

The LGBTQIA+ Community is located in Wallwork Hall.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Community

Located in Northern Suites, contains Mathematics, Computer Science, Psychology, Natural Science, Safety Science, and Women in Math, Science, and Technology clusters

Promising Scholars Community

Located in Delaney Hall, for students who are a part of the Promising Scholars Program

Social Justice and Civic Engagement Community

Located in Delaney Hall, contains Law and Society, and Social Justice clusters

Living-Learning Certificate Programs

Currently on hold. Global Scholarship and Scientific Communication Living Learning Certificate Programs.