Graduate Student Housing

As a graduate student, we know your housing needs may be different than those of our other students. For our graduate students, we highlight the following housing options:

  • We have a new suite type (in addition to the six original suite types) for upperclassmen and graduate students: The private studio suite has the ultimate in privacy—bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette (cube refrigerator and microwave included) for one student. This suite type is available in all of our suite buildings. For more information, please contact us at
  • Upper Division Community - Located in Putt Hall first and second floors, where you can live with older students

Keep in mind the many benefits of living on campus at IUP:

  • Price: you know what you are getting. It is all-inclusive, and there are no surprise monthly bills or charges.
  • Optimal safety. Access is provided only to residents of the building with an I-Card.
  • Reliable suite and room maintenance.
  • Proximity to class.
  • One-semester leases are available for students graduating in December.