Whitmyre Hall

Whitmyre Hall after 2018-19 renovations

It's Easy to Feel at Home Living in Whitmyre Hall

One of the things that brings us together at the Cook Honors College is Whitmyre Hall, our honors residence hall—something not all colleges provide for honors students. Visit Whitmyre and check out how we've blended the building's old-fashioned character with newly renovated spaces and resources.

Renovations, New Furniture, a Science Room, and More

A major renovation completed in 2018 provided a science resource room, new bathrooms, fresh paint throughout the building, facility upgrades, additional artwork, and new furniture in the student rooms and many of the shared spaces. Some walls were removed to make the building's design work better for our students.

Comfortable Spaces, Handy Staff Offices

On the first floor, you'll find numerous group study rooms, private study areas, and comfortable hallway alcoves with cozy couches and chairs. You can also enjoy several lounge areas with large-screen televisions where groups of students watch movies or play video games together, handy staff offices, and our Great Hallwith a Steinway baby grand piano and a large kitchen for student use.

Art that Brings in the World

A multitude of paintings cover the walls and give spaces, such as classrooms, artistic themes. You'll find European medieval art, and art from India, Latin America, Asia, Africa, America, and the Middle East. Recently, students and professors were encouraged to recommend art and vote on their favorite paintings to include in our freshly renovated wing of the building.

Great Hall and KitchenSpace to Do More

Our Great Hall is a spacious, artistic room that makes you feel at home, while also inspiring you to think bigger. You might see students dressed very casually studying, talking, or checking their phones next to other students dressed up and ready to leave for a Broadway show on campus—we get some great shows and performers here. Nearby in the kitchen, a group of friends might be baking cookies or brownies.

With bookshelves lining the walls, a stage at one end, and a grand piano surrounded by couches, it is a library, a place for group events like talent shows, and so much more.

Facilities Covering Four Floors and Outdoor Space

In Whitmyre, the first floor has the great hall, kitchen, Honors College staff offices, classrooms, and several lounge areas. The second and third floors have student rooms and small study lounges. The ground floor has a laundry room, a music practice room, a bike storage room, and a small game room featuring a pool table. Together, you have four floors that are yours to use and explore.

Just outside the Great Hall, you'll find the Great Hall patio. Surrounded by pines, it's a popular outdoor space.

First-year Residency Requirement Builds Lasting Bonds

All first-year students (freshmen and transfer students) are required to live in Whitmyre. Living together and taking core classes together in the building helps first-year students build lasting friendships. Traditional-style rooms, with shared bathrooms down the hall, provide some of the best housing values on campus and help you get to know others on your floor more quickly.

To help make your first year go smoothly, you also have easy access to the Honors College staff, who have offices on the first floor. After your first year, you are encouraged to remain in Whitmyre throughout your time at IUP if you wish, and as space permits, but you are not required to live there after the first year.

All Honors College Students Have Access to Whitmyre—Residents Have 24-Hour Access

As a Whitmyre resident, you will have access to all regular student spaces in the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For student safety, the building is kept locked and is accessed with an Honors College student I-Card.

Whitmyre is your building, your home at IUP for all four years. You can use all of the student spaces throughout your IUP education, even if you choose to live in another IUP residence hall or off-campus after your first year. Your I-Card access to Whitmyre will end late in the evening each day if you are not a resident, but you can still use the building to study, see friends, work on group projects, talk to staff, play piano, play pool, and relax between classes.

Northern Suites Includes an Honors College Living-Learning Community Open to Returning Students

The IUP residence halls have a variety of suite-style options with private bathrooms for each suite and study lounges on each floor. They also offer Living-Learning Communities and certificate programs. One of those Living-Learning options is the Cook Honors College Living-Learning Community for returning honors students. It's located in Northern Suites, right next to Whitmyre, giving you easy access to the shared spaces you loved as a first-year student, with the option of suite-style living.