Academics and Choosing Your Major

Higher Level Thinking, Not Higher Pressure

Here, we believe an honors education should be about innovative, leading-edge, higher-level thinking, rather than higher pressure.

In the honors core curriculum, you'll tackle "Great Questions"—questions people have debated and discussed for centuries. You will be challenged to explore new ideas, uncover old theories, listen respectfully to opinions different than your own, and define who you are and what you believe.

No Tests in Honors Core

There are no tests inCook Honors College coreclasses. We challenge our students in different waysinstead of quizzes and tests, we write together, read together, and exchange ideas.

IUP Supports High-Achieving Students

Your honors core classes replace classes all IUP students must take as part of the general, liberal studies requirements, so Honors College students can choose any major or majors offered at the university. There are several majors at IUP that offer their own honors tracks you can take while also in the Honors College.

There are also some "3+2" programs that let you start your next degree early, shaving a year off the time and cost of back-to-back degrees.

CHC at IUP students are automatically granted priority registration for classes. Scheduling classes early is important since many of our students choose to have double majors, or one or two minors. Scheduling early is a big advantage you'll have by being a student in our honors program.

Advantage—Wide Range of Majors and Minors

Another advantage you'll have at IUP is the exceptionally wide range of majors and minors to choose from—with new ones added regularly to keep up with career and job market trends.

IUP has more than 140 majors and minors that can help prepare you for the job market. Try the new Environmental Engineering major, or add one of the new minors, such as Sustainability Studies, Global Health, or Effective Teamwork and Leadership Studies.

What Are You Going to Major In?

Maybe You Haven't Decided on a Major Yet

You are great at lots of subjects, but you don't know what jobs are out there or what you want to major in. The Cook Honors College is an excellent choice for a student with multiple interests like you, who is looking for options, information, and advice to help you choose the right path.

Like you, IUP is great at lots of subjects. You'll find a wide variety of majors and minors to choose from, and you don't have to choose just one. Most of our Cook Honors College students combine their interests with double-majors or minors. Here, you can succeed while preparing for more than one future path.

Maybe You Know Your Major and What You'll Do Next

You've thought about your options, looked at the job market, and you know where you're headed. The Cook Honors College is an excellent choice for a focused student like you, who has already come up with a well-thought-out plan.

You can hit the ground running here and grab opportunities early, like research with professors starting as early as your first year. Compare the bottom line and take advantage of the chance to leave some extra room in your budget for your plans after college—maybe including medical school, graduate school, or law school.