Administration and Leadership Studies Research and Training Center

The Administration and Leadership Studies Research and Training Center (ALS-RTC) is an applied, interdisciplinary center that supports sponsored research, program evaluation, policy analysis, technology transfer, and training.

What We Do

The ALS Research and Training Center provides the following services:

  • Provides expertise in the fields of research, program evaluation, training, and administration and leadership
  • Builds partnerships with and among nonprofit, government, and research communities
  • Provides support for research education and outreach efforts
  • Identifies, plans, and implements new research projects
  • Participates in local, state, regional, and national conferences

Business and Government Support

The ALS Research and Training Center offers services and training to businesses and Commonwealth government agencies by:

  • Offering and facilitating agency-oriented training and conference activities
  • Developing training and education programs aimed at addressing knowledge gaps for specific target audiences as determined through needs assessment surveys, focus groups, etc.
  • Carrying out coordination and training services for Pennsylvania state agencies

One such example is the Maintenance Activity Training project that provides an electronic training platform for specific highway maintenance activities for PennDOT personnel responsible for planning, scheduling, conducting, and/or assessing maintenance activities. However, IUP can adapt the individual training packages for use by any agency responsible for the maintenance of roadways.

Academic and Research Support

The ALS Research and Training Center supports faculty and student research by providing:

  • Assistance to faculty, students, and staff in the development of seminars and workshops pertaining to administration and leadership studies
  • Support and assistantship opportunities to graduate students through funded projects
  • Easy access to ALS-RTC documents, reports, and relevant educational materials for educators and professionals

The ALS-RTC promotes interdisciplinary studies on specific themes and develops contacts among researchers across geographical areas to foster an exchange of information and to encourage the development of research and training.

Educational Partners

The educational partners of Dixon University Center offer an expansive menu of undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs, professional development classes, and customized training.

About Dixon University Center

Dixon University Center is the location of the Office of the Chancellor and the central headquarters for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education

Dixon University Center Logo 2014 In addition to administrative offices, Dixon University Center is a higher educational center for adult learners seeking convenient access to quality learning. The picturesque campus overlooking the Susquehanna River, plus its state-of-the-art facilities, make it an ideal setting for meetings, seminars, and events.

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