List of Suggested Books


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Blanchard, Peter. Fearful Vassals: Urban Elite Loyalty in the Viceroyalty of Ro de la Plata, 1776-1810. U. of Pittsburgh P., 2020.

Gómez, Leila. Impossible Domesticity: Travels in Mexico. Trans. Robert Weis. U. of Pittsburgh, P., 2021.

Park, Paula C. Intercolonial Intimacies: Relinking Latin/o America to the Philippines 1898-1964. Ed. Jorge Coronado. U. of Pittsburgh P., 2022


Coonrod Martnez, Elizabeth, Ed. Teaching Late-Twentieth-Century Mexicana and Chicana Writers. Modern Language Association of America, 2021.


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Konta, Ryohei. The Housing Movement and the Urban Poor in Sao Paulo: Agency Structure, and Institution. Lexington, 2020.