The Hispanic Journal (HJ) invites the submission of original, unpublished studies all year around on Spanish and Luso-Brazilian literature, culture, film, linguistics, and pedagogy. HJ publishes original research and criticism in the areas of Spanish, Spanish American, Portuguese, Brazilian, Catalan, Galician, and Basque literatures, languages, linguistics, and cinema of any period. In addition, HJ publishes interviews and book reviews.

Submissions cannot be under consideration by other journals or publishers. Each submitted article will undergo a double-blind external peer review process. Submissions of essays should be 7,000 words. The article may be in Spanish, Portuguese, or English.

Considerations in the evaluation of manuscripts will include originality of focus, clarity of expression, organization, and proper use of the MLA style.

Before submitting your article, please make sure it adheres to the HJ Preparation Guidelines document and fill out the Cover Letter Form PDF. Please review the instructions on How to Fill Out a PDF.

What to turn in: The article and the Cover Letter Form

Where to turn in: Email to

The MLA guide to documentation should be followed, use the MLA 8th edition. Please review the MLA style at Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL).

It is the responsibility of the authors to follow the MLA research style guide and to provide an article as free of typographical and grammatical errors as possible. The Hispanic Journal is a nonprofit publication which does not have the personnel to correct the articles' styles and correct typographical or grammatical errors.

Do not use footnotes.

Do not use any tab settings.

Do not justify the text.

Do not use bold or underline titles.

Do not use headers, other than the page numbers.

Do not use the endnote function of Word; superscript the number and manually add the endnotes yourself.

Do not put your name or university affiliation on the article. Use the Cover Letter Form PDF for personal information and for the abstract.

The author will receive an email from the editor with two peer evaluations. The author will need to make the corrections as advised by their peers and return the updated manuscript to the editor.

The manuscript will be reviewed again. Before major formatting is done on the manuscript, the editor will once more send the manuscript to the author. The author will receive their manuscript to make any minor corrections.

All corrections should be made before the final version of the work is returned to the Hispanic Journal. The final version of the work should not exceed the 7,000-word limit, including endnotes, work cited page, and bibliography, if any.

Once the galleys have been formatted, only minute corrections can be made. If the author returns the galleys with excessive alterations, there will be a delay in the publication or the author’s work will be removed to be able to continue the publication process.

An annual subscription will be required of all authors whose work is published in HJ. See IUP Marketplace.

Once an article is published, it becomes the property of the Hispanic Journal. See Copyright Notice for further information.