College of Education and Communications

  • College of  Education and CommunicationsIUP’s College of  Education and Communications enjoys a strong reputation for providing leading-edge development and growth opportunities for students and professionals in education and allied fields as well as in the growing field of communications media.

    A Place for All

    For the College of Education and Communications, diversity and inclusion is more than meeting a goal or focusing on a specific representation within a population. It is involvement in expressive dialogue and offerings of distinct talent, thought, and inquiry from individuals from various backgrounds. Our college understands that the success of each individual strengthens our community.

    The College of Education and Communications recognizes that one of our primary purposes as educators is to prepare our students to interact in an increasingly diverse and multicultural world as practitioners, scholars, and teachers. To that end, we seek to empower our faculty, staff, and students through curricula, programs, and environments that reflect the diversity of our community and elevate cultural awareness. Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the College will be implemented with guidance from an approved action plan.

    We entrust all members of the college with the responsibility of upholding and promoting the values of diversity and inclusiveness. Furthermore, the college actively welcomes and engages our community in the importance of diversity through leadership and innovation within the education, technology, and communication professions. 

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