College of Education and Communications

  • College of  Education and CommunicationsIUP’s College of  Education and Communications enjoys a strong reputation for providing leading-edge development and growth opportunities for students and professionals in education and allied fields as well as in the growing field of communications media.


    Students obtain bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees that allow them to pursue careers in a diverse range of fields. Explore the many programs available through the departments below:

    In addition, the Department of Developmental Studies provides support for undergraduate students to succeed and excel in their chosen majors, and they help students design tailored associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in general studies. 

    A Reputation for Excellence

    Regardless of the program students choose, the college enables them to acquire theoretical, practical, and technological knowledge and skills required to become outstanding professionals. Faculty members are teacher-scholars who are dedicated to excellence in the classroom and continued research in their fields of study.

    The College of Education and Communications majors all receive extensive experiential learning opportunities. Undergraduate educator preparation majors receive early field experiences prior to student teaching, and the Educator Preparation Office collaborates with school districts to develop Professional Development School and other partnerships.

    Speech-language pathology and audiology majors experience simulated learning in conjunction with students in other majors on campus (e.g., nursing, food and nutrition) and they obtain clinical hours with actual patients in on-campus and off-campus clinics.

    Communications media majors can choose from a number of curriculum tracks and have access to the campus radio station and television station as well as labs for graphics and multimedia, digital photography, and audio production.

    The college supports six centers and clinics that provide service to the community and offer supervised training venues for our students. Our faculty members are teacher-scholars who are dedicated to excellence in the classroom and continued research in their fields of study.

    A Place for All

    For the College of Education and Communications, diversity and inclusion is more than meeting a goal or focusing on a specific representation within a population. It is involvement in expressive dialogue and offerings of distinct talent, thought, and inquiry from individuals from various backgrounds. Our college understands that the success of each individual strengthens our community.

    The College of Education and Communications recognizes that one of our primary purposes as educators is to prepare our students to interact in an increasingly diverse and multicultural world as practitioners, scholars, and teachers. To that end, we seek to empower our faculty, staff, and students through curricula, programs, and environments that reflect the diversity of our community and elevate cultural awareness. We entrust all members of the college with the responsibility of upholding and promoting the values of diversity and inclusiveness. Furthermore, the college actively welcomes and engages our community in the importance of diversity through leadership and innovation within the education, technology, and communication professions. 

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