Dr. Rita Doerr, Academic Outreach Lead, National Security Agency

Ms. Mackenzie Monarko, Special Agent & Private Sector Coordinator, FBI Pittsburgh

  • From Gang Busters to Ransomware Gangs: Evolution of FBI Investigations. No presentation available

Mr. Christopher May, Technical Director, Cyber Workforce Development, CERT® Division, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Bryant Wysocki, Senior Level Executive, Technical Advisor for C4I and Cyber Systems for the Air Force and Associate Director, Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome NY 

Mr. Nigel Wright, Director of Product for Locomation

Panel Discussion: Amanda Marshall, Director, Project Management, Dan Yuhas, Director, IT Compliance and Administration; and Bill Balint, Chief Information Officer. Moderator, Todd Cunningham, Executive Director, IT Services

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: A Cybersecurity Difference Maker. No presentation available