About Criminal Justice Training

The Criminal Justice Training Center prepares individuals for entry into the field of law enforcement, provides in-service training to upgrade the skills of current law enforcement personnel, provides initial preparation for mandatory re-certification in lethal weapons training for security personnel, and prepares individuals for certification and annual re-certification as Pennsylvania State Constables.

The center boasts a full-time police training academy on the IUP main campus and three regional part-time academy sites located at California University, Carnegie Mellon University, and IUP Punxsutawney. The Criminal Justice Training Center (CJTC) also offers services to the general public.

During the past year, the CJTC delivered occupational-specific training to approximately 3,800 criminal justice professionals throughout Pennsylvania.

The training center offers:

  • Municipal Police Officers' Training (Legislative Act 120). Successful completion meets MPOETC training requirements to become certified as a municipal officer in Pennsylvania.
  • In-service training
    • Mandatory training for all Pennsylvania municipal police officers
    • Voluntary training for individuals interested in the criminal justice field
    • Specialized training in basic and advanced accident investigation, emergency vehicle operations, and alcohol detection and enforcement programs
  • Pennsylvania State Constables Education and Training (Legislative Act 44) provides mandatory Basic, Continuing, Firearms, and Optional Training to Pennsylvania State Constables throughout twenty-three counties in the northwestern and southwestern regions of Pennsylvania.

This training can only be offered through a school certified by the Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) in Hershey. Certified schools must meet the standards established by MPOETC regarding the curriculum, school policies, instructor certification, and even school environment. Find more information about MPOETC.

Call 800-303-2752 for more information on the Criminal Justice Training Center.