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    APPLY FOR GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIPS The Department of Counseling typically offers several 10-hour assistantships (10 hours/week of assistantship service) and a minimal number of 20-hour assistantships (20 hours/week of assistantship service). Part-time students are eligible to apply for 10 hour/week assistantships, and full-time students are eligible to apply for 10 and/or 20 hour/week assistantships.

    Take Your Counseling Expertise to New Heights

    Preparing for advancement in your field, or changing careers to assist in a school or work with children, adolescents, and adults in a mental health setting are excellent reasons for earning a counseling degree. Individuals from various academic disciplines will also discover a growing world of compassion and possibilities.

    Counseling is both a science and an art. The intersection of those perspectives will make you an excellent clinician as well as a deeper, more confident human being. Your personal development is every bit as important as your professional focus.

    If you have the passion and desire to become a counselor, we've designed our programs to fit your needs. You have the option of taking your classes at either our campus in Indiana or at our Pittsburgh area campus (Penn Center East). You may already be working in the field or wish to switch careers, which is why you can choose to pursue your degree full-time or part-time.

    PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision

    The PhD program in Counselor Education and Supervision is designed to be completed in two to three years of study beyond the 60-credit master’s degree in counseling. For more information, please contact Kim Desmond, doctoral program coordinator (, 724-357-3812).

    MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    By fulfilling your academic requirements for this accredited program, you'll also prepare to pass state licensure and national certification tests.

    MEd in School Counseling

    Help shape young lives by mastering individual and group counseling methods. Your coursework puts you on the path for certification as a pre-K-12 certified school counselor.

    Certification Only

    You may already have a master's degree. In that case, allow IUP to evaluate your transcripts so that you may apply for this certification-only program.

    Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Licensure Only

    This program is ideal if you have a master's degree, but need more credits to meet Pennsylvania licensure standards. IUP will help by informally auditing your transcripts for degree requirements and content and assisting you in communicating with the State Licensure Board, which approves credits for this process.

    Contact the Coordinator

    Doctoral Program

    Holly Branthoover


    MA & MEd Programs

    Brittany Pollard-Kosidowski


    Counseling Admissions Assistant for MA and MEd Programs

    Michelle Cieslewicz

    The IUP Difference

    Day and Evening Programs. If you are already employed in your profession, you may wish to enroll in our evening program. We also offer a day program, which gives you even more flexibility when scheduling your full- or part-time studies.

    Two Campuses. The School Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling programs are offered at both the main campus in Indiana and the Pittsburgh area campus (Penn Center East).

    Award-Winning Faculty. IUP's Department of Counseling has twice received the Pennsylvania Counseling Association's Outstanding Counselor Education Preparation award. This honor recognizes the professional productivity and scholarship of the faculty.

    Extensive Supervision. Clinical supervision at IUP is extensive. Contact with faculty is generous so that you are fully prepared for your new career or position upon graduation.

    Access to Innovative Clinical Training Software. Ours is the first counseling program in the country to use the Landro technology developed for high school football play analysis for clinical supervision. It provides students with state-of-the-art clinical training software. It also encourages more in-depth student-focused supervision.