Theoretical Research

Several types of Theoretical Researchare conducted in th Physics department.

Type II Strained Layer Superlattice Based Infrared Detectors

Infrared Sources and Detectors.


Symmetry of Quasi-Crystals

Novel GaInNAs Laser Materials

Laser devices and materials.

Neural Network Modeling

Neural network modeling is a multidisciplinary research area with research is done in collaboration with the Psychology department at IUP.

Molecular Dynamics and Crack Propagation

The subject of crack propagation, which is related to the subject of how things break, is an important area of research in material science.

Lattice Dynamical Properties of Semiconductor Superlattices

A new class of beryllium chalcogenides (BeS, BeSe and BeTe) belonging to group II-VI compound semiconductor family and crystallizing in the four-fold coordinated zinc-blende structure has received considerable attention in recent years.

Band Structure Calculations

Performing Electronic Band Structure calculations.