Graphite MagnifiedHighly competitive research is on the march in the IUP Physics Department.With the addition of several new, strongly research-oriented faculty, and a renewed commitment to research by our new president, the Physics faculty at IUP is entering an exciting era in undergraduate, graduate and faculty research.

Nanoparticles Including Nanoparticles Arrays

Ferrite and ferromagnetic nanoparticles in our laboratory and the potential applications.

Spin Related Phenomena in Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors

The mass, charge, and spin of electrons in the solid state laid the foundation of the information technology that we are using today.

Properties of New Optical Materials

Development of new optical materials for laser applications, such as new laser gain media made of ceramics.  

Finite Size Effects and Multilayer Films

An understanding of finite size effects is crucial for the development of nano-sized materials with useful properties.

Complex Magnetic and Neural Network Materials

Physical Aging Phenomena.

Type II Strained Layer Superlattice Based Infrared Detectors

Infrared Sources and Detectors.


Symmetry of Quasi-Crystals

Novel GaInNAs Laser Materials

Laser devices and materials.

Neural Network Modeling

Neural network modeling is a multidisciplinary research area with research is done in collaboration with the Psychology department at IUP.

Molecular Dynamics and Crack Propagation

The subject of crack propagation, which is related to the subject of how things break, is an important area of research in material science.

Lattice Dynamical Properties of Semiconductor Superlattices

A new class of beryllium chalcogenides (BeS, BeSe and BeTe) belonging to group II-VI compound semiconductor family and crystallizing in the four-fold coordinated zinc-blende structure has received considerable attention in recent years.

Band Structure Calculations

Performing Electronic Band Structure calculations.