Dr. Ronald Marks served with distinction as a professor in the IUP Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and Engineering Department for 27 years.

Colleagues, family, and friends established the scholarship in 1986 to honor his many accomplishments as an educator and scientist.Dr. Marks was honored by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Education with both the Certificate of Excellence in Teaching and the Teaching Fellow Award. IUP recognized Marks with the 1985-86 distinguished faculty award.

Award Criteria

These scholarships are given annually to a first- and/or a third-year student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who shows promise for a productive career in chemical education and are recommended by their academic adviser. The two awards can be given to two first-year students or two third-year students, but one of each is preferred.

The award amount for 2019-20: Up to $1,090 (for up to two awards).

Prior Award Recipients

2017-18: Arie Van Wieren and Noah Garrett
2016-17: Kristin McDeavitt and Autumn Toki
2015-16: Daniel Chelednik and Gregory Boring
2014-15: Carlyn Brecht and Jacob Gregory
2013-14: Brittney Wiesheierand Andrew Teorsky
2011-12: Daniel Chelednik
2010-11: Jeffrey McCulloughand Peter Greenawalt
2009-10: Leslie Websterand Amanda Lynn
2008-09: Mathew Grataand Kimberly Boonie
2006-07: Michael Deibleand Joseph Zewe &Tracey Baker
2005-06: Brandon Trabosh
2003-04: Catherine Gummand Amanda Davis
2002-03: Jerrod Mooreand Rebekah Millsand Eric Ofchinick
2000-01: Gabriel Taylor
1999-2000: Jessica Waltonand Dana Berkey
1998-99: John Keith
1997-98: Dana Berkey
1996-97: David Keith
1995-96: Wendy Chomanand Jeffrey Roberts
1994-95: Jennifer Coleman
1993-94: Laura Cochranand Jeffrey Roberts