Edward N. Brown earned a master's degree in chemistry from Oberlin College. After graduation, he worked as a research chemist for Dupont on projects involving the development of explosives.

Brown joined the faculty in the Science Department at IUP in 1956. He was a versatile faculty member. During his teaching career here he managed to teach every chemistry course offered at IUP. Like Mr. Heard, Mr. Brown was well respected by both the faculty and students.

Brown retired in 1971 and died in 1987. At the time of his passing, Mr. Brown's family and friends established the E.N. Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund in his memory. Ed Brown's wife, Doris Brown, was particularly instrumental in establishing the award and made significant monetary contributions to the award fund.

Each year, the Edward N. Brown Memorial Scholarship Steering Committee seeks to choose the applicant who best exemplifies the characteristics which represent Mr. Brown's life: Achievement, Attitude, and Character.

The award will be credited toward the student's account at IUP and can be used toward their tuition and/or other expenses during the following academic year. In addition to these funds, the award recipient's name is engraved on a plaque that hangs in the Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and Engineering Department's display cabinet.

Award Criteria

  • BS or BA Chemistry major, junior status (60-89 credits completed at the time of the application submission).
  • Academic record (both in chemistry and overall).
  • Be of good character.
  • Attitude; be excited about the field of chemistry and the preparation for a career in the chemistry profession.

Application Materials

The application is be due by 4:00 p.m. on October 30, 2020 in the Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and Engineering Department Main Office, 143 Weyandt Hall. Students should also, where necessary, arrange for letters of recommendation to be sent as soon as possible, so that they arrive in the Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and Engineering Department Office no later than November 3. For awards that require an interview, Dr. Elcesser will contact the students before Thanksgiving recess.

The award amount for 2019-20 is $1,370.

Edward Brown Scholarship Application

Prior Award Recipients

2017-18: Sean Bowling
2016-17: Kiera Estes
2015-16: Jakyra Simpson
2014-15: Minh Quan Dinh
2013-14: Kristen N. Shafer
2012-13: Rebecca A. Erwin
2011-12: Lindsay E. Matolyak
2010-11: Nadia C. Szymanski
2009-10: Jennifer M. Beveridge
2008-09: Elizabeth C. Paladin
2007-08: Andrew T. Kerr
2006-07: Catherine E. Gumm
2005-06: Jeffrey W. Rupert
2004-05: Thomas A. Baker
2003-04: Susan M. Farabaugh
2002-03: Jennifer D. Sloppy
2001-02: Marybeth Faught
2000-01: Chrysa F. Malosh
1999-2000: Julianne M. Popp
1998-99: Dave S. Walker
1997-98: Emily R. Stauffer
1996-97: Steven M. Muller
1995-96: Edward J. Stevens
1994-95: Daniel E. Folmer
1993-94: Barbara A. McKernan
1992-93: Michael S. Rearick
1991-92: Hao Zhang
1990-91: Gregory M. Ferrence
1989-90: Linda S. McCollam