Looking for a new professional headshot for LinkedIn and other professional purposes or social media profiles? The Career and Professional Development Center can help! Stop by B20 Stabley Library and try our new Iris photo booth.

The Iris Air Booth is the evolution of portrait photography, created by a veteran studio photographer to deliver clean, crisp images in a new, reimagined way. Iris condenses a full-size photo studio into a fun, modern 20-square-foot space.

Our Professional Photo Booth provides:

  • Studio-quality lighting and high-quality photos
  • Touchless access via QR code to control your session
  • Quick access to three professional-grade photos within minutes
  • Access to edit your photos (in-person and online)

Students and alumni can access our Professional Photo Booth free of charge. Community members can pay a small fee—more information follows below.


How does the booth work?

Our Iris Air Professional Photo Booth allows you to take high-quality photos and have them delivered to your email. When you get to the booth, scan the QR code to use the touchless app from your cell phone. You'll see a tutorial with step-by-step instructions for how to proceed.

What should I wear?

What you choose to wear in your professional headshot will help establish your professional identity.

  • Pants/skirts and shoes are generally not visible in the photos you will take—be comfortable!

  • Solid colors work best—avoid white to make sure you don't blend into the background.

  • Suit jackets and sports coats should be darker than the shirt and complement any tie or other accessory being worn.

  • Any accessories or trimmings should complement your outfit. Avoid anything too flashy or too big.

  • Make sure clothes are well-pressed before the shoot. Wrinkles in clothes are difficult to edit out.

  • Consider bringing a lint brush or roller with you and trim any excess threads on clothing in advance.

What are the benefits?

Professional headshots can help set the tone for your career, so you want to have a professional photo. 

  • It is an introduction and often the first impression you present to others.
  • It sets the scene for your personal and professional brand. It should be representative of the style and persona you want to reflect.
  • It can show confidence in your professional abilities.

Community Member Information

Please schedule an appointment before coming to the Career and Professional Development Center to confirm a spot is available. Appointments generally last around 15 minutes and include three professional photos.

  • Alumni can access the Professional Photo Booth free of charge.

  • Community members can use the Professional Photo Booth for a $15 fee. Please submit payment after scheduling an appointment.