Interview Preparation

Many students who have never interviewed before have visions of a police interrogation scene. They are pleasantly surprised after their first interview that it was more like a conversation between new acquaintances (which it is!).

The following information has been compiled from a variety of resources to assist you in developing strong interviewing skills. Additional materials on how to conduct yourself during a job interview are available in the Career and Professional Development Center.

Before the Interview

  • Analyze Strengths and Weaknesses: Since the main topic of the discussion will be you, you need to know yourself. Start by doing some solid, honest self-assessment. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, what you want in a job and what you don't want in a job, what you have accomplished, and what you hope to accomplish. Use past experiences in work, student organizations, class projects, personal aspirations, and values as a guide. In other words, begin to formulate in your own mind not only what you would like to do but also what you feel you are best prepared to do.
  • Network with Alumni: Gain as much information as you can about your field by networking with alumni whose major was the same as yours. This can be done by using the Career Networking program run by the Office of Alumni Relations in Breezedale.
  • Know the Employer: It is imperative that you have some knowledge about their policies, philosophies, products, and services. Failure to do your homework before an interview can greatly affect your odds of being hired. Read recruiting literature, annual reports, or trade publications, and familiarize yourself with their website. Check for information at the reference section of Stapleton Library or with your academic department. Use search engines such as Google or Yahoo to locate company websites. Don't try to bluff your way through the interview—employers catch on quickly and know that you haven't done your homework.
  • Schedule a Mock Interview with the Career and Professional Development Center.
  • On the day of the interview, arrive early and be professionally dressed. Learn the name of the recruiter so that you can use it in greeting him or her.

Online Resources

Company Salaries, Reviews, and Interviews Posted Anonymously by Employees