• Dress in GoodTaste: Dress is very important and should be decided upon well before your interview. Although most employers are becoming more liberal in their standard of dress and appearance, let basic good taste be your guide. With some employers, appearance could be the deciding factor. Avoid extremes in appearance and dress appropriately for the particular work setting. Lean toward the conservative side. You will not offend anyone if you wear a business suit, but you may seriously hamper your chances for a job if you appear too casual.
  • ForMen: A well-tailored dark suit and conservative shirt and tie are generally acceptable. Excessive facial hair and/or long hair can produce strong negative reactions.
  • ForWomen: A well-tailored suit and blouse or a conservative dress is favored. Short skirts, low necklines, trendy outfits, and excessive makeup and accessories can create negative impressions.

(Taken from Job Search Strategy for College Grads. Bernard and Thompson, 1984)

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