Finding Employment

  • Searching for a job can seem like an overwhelming task. But if you follow the right steps, and have the right tools, it becomes simpler and you will achieve your goal of finding employment even faster.

    The job search is a process, with several steps. Follow the helpful information in this section to search for, apply to, and get offered a great job.

    Handshake Online Job-Posting System

    Handshake is a one-stop shop for students to prepare and launch their careers; and for companies, nonprofits, and organizations of all shapes and sizes to find, recruit, and hire IUP alumni. Handshake uses data to help students find jobs or internships that best match their interests.


    1. Log in to Handshake
      • When you sign into your account at, you will then log in with your IUP SSO password.
    2. Complete Your Profile
      • Add your work experiences, skills, interests, and organizations.
    3. Discover Jobs for You
      • Browse collections of jobs based on your profile and interests.

  • Online Job Search Tips
    Information on the best methods to use online career resources.
    Job Search
    The Career and Professional Development Center has put together a series of guides to aid you in your search.
    Getting Started
    Information about how to begin your job search.
    Resume and Cover Letter Writing
    Information regarding resume and cover letter writing
    Interviewing and Etiquette
    Interviewing and etiquette for business interactions.
    After the Interview
    The follow-up is the final act of the interview.
    Recruitment and Networking Events
    Find out more about off- and on-campus professional development, recruitment, alumni networking events, and job fairs!
    Alumni Networking
    IUP offers many networking opportunities for alumni.
    What Is Your Game Plan?
    The IUP Career and Professional Development Center’s Game Plan is a four-year and beyond checklist to help students find a career after graduation.