1. Know Your Aptitudes, Talents, and Preferences — Professionals are much like physicians in a hospital. There are ER docs who are fast paced and like the action, and there are brain surgeons who prefer quiet methodical work. What kind of doc would you be?
  2. Know the Market — You need to have the best credentials possible and you can't plan the steps of an education/internship/experience journey if you don't know the destination.
  3. Realize the Competitive Event — Job seekers are often too busy believing they need only to qualify and that their credentials entitle them to a job. You are not entitled to a job offer. You are entitled to compete for one!
  4. Understand the Triathlon — There are three events between the beginning of the job search and a job offer. The résumé/cover letter must out-compete, your search strategies must be creative and persistent, and your interview must be value-based. You must win in all events. There are no job offers for silver medalists.
  5. Be ready to Sacrifice — You might have to relocate, commute, or take a pay cut. If the returns merit the sacrifice, you could kill a career if you are awarded the opportunity for a great job but prove unwilling.
  6. Be Willing to Get Help — Job search coaches prepare résumés, often have access to recruiter/employer networks, teach and prepare you for interviews, and help negotiate your job offers. Doctors don't change their auto transmissions and savvy career seekers don't write their own résumés.
  7. Don't Only Use the Computer — The closer you are to being able to shake a hand, the better your chances for a job offer. Network, network, network!
  8. Use All Search Resources — There is life beyond Monster.com. Many folks “dis” the newspaper classifieds while employers spend millions looking for employees.
  9. Know Much About the Company with Whom You are Interviewing — You won't know what to offer up if you don't know what they need. Learn the industry, the status of the company within the industry, and the company's challenges. Then, be its solution.
  10. It's Called Job Hunting for a Good Reason — It's a jungle out there, but there's a place for everyone. You need to use all search vehicles, and you need to realize that despite that new degree, certification, or experience, there are four talented generations in the workplace and more competition than ever!

Source: Career Board